Should i call them Lawyers or LIARS????

This is one profession(in my view) which has lost all its dignity over the years, not because the professionals have failed to display the truth but because they have mastered in burying every inch of truth. Our country witnesses tons of cases every year but has the capacity to finish off with only a handful of these cases. In a scenario like this it is the utmost responsibility of these social servants to make the innocent stand on the gate of freedom and to push the guilty behind the bars. But sadly what we see is totally the opposite.

The question arises who is to be blamed? The lawyers who misuse their power for money or our very own democratic system which gives the right even to people like AJMAL KASAB to appoint a lawyer? Recalling a rape case article i read in a national magazine I was shocked when i learned the court room environment during such trials. ” I am being raped everyday in the court”, said the victim. Where is the “insaaf ka taraazu”? Where is the significance of the pledge one takes before speaking in court?  Thanks to the bunch of good lawyers who were fighting her case for free, but what about the lawyer defending the criminal? In my view he must be fully aware that his client is a rapist but still he chooses to fight for him! Have lawyers lost all their dignity? Don’t they feel ashamed? My remarks over them might be very immature but aren’t they correct to some extent? The “temple of truth” is history now.

Coming over to the democratic loopholes, I wonder how can a mass murderer like KASAB can still plea to the PRESIDENT of INDIA for extending his death sentence? For once I find AMERICA not brutal or mean in killing BIN LADEN on the spot. Just imagine BIN LADEN standing before the US FEDERAL COURT and facing a trial! This is ridiculous! I think we must create a finite line between “possibility” and “fact”. I think we must realize what is the matter of fact and what is not. Following absolute democratic steps in situation like this wastes money and time.  Co-relating this with the role of lawyer i just can’t understand what is so tempting for any lawyer to take a case like this? Why can’t he use this time in saving a girl who has been raped?What could have been those constraints which forced a lawyer to take up such cases?

I am unaware of the answers to the questions i have raised through my article. I request the readers to please express their views on this.

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5 thoughts on “Should i call them Lawyers or LIARS????

  1. Good Effort Murtaza. You are right in thinking that culprits shouldn’t be defended. But this is a free world and everyone has a right to defend himself. When a rape case comes how can one be sure that the guy is the culprit. What if the girl is the culprit (that can happen in 1 of 1000 cases but can still happen). So I think everyone should get a lawyer.
    There was a recent article in ET which talked about how judges punish the culprits. If the same judge was put in the exact same surrounding he may have acted similar to what the culprit has done.
    One may kill a thief to save his own life. That’s a murder and bigger crime than robbery. But is that person wrong in defending himself? There are always two sides to a story so both parties should have a lawyer.

    Practicing ethically is another question and many people value money more than morals. That’s of course a shame!

    • yes i agree to what u said….this is something which revolves in my mind too when i think on this. what i actually meant is..when the court addresses the final verdict there must be a case filed against the lawyer of the loosing side to investigate if he was defending his client unknowingly or he was doing it just to earn money..! this is something serious..! postive impact of this would be that once the lawyer comes to know that his client his guilty he will refuse the case..!

  2. I believe the problem lies with our laws which have been corrupted. Too many precedents have been set, paving the way for gray areas which are often abused by clever manipulation of the law. In a perfect world, if each one of us followed the Universal Laws, particularly the Law of Cause and Effect, we would have a much fairer system.

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