The Next Prime Minister

 “India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, and the great-grandmother of tradition. Our most valuable and most instructive materials in the history of man are treasured up in India only.”

Mark Twain

With the state elections coming up and the central elections not so far, I thought of making a sincere attempt to enlighten the youth of India who has shown much more concern about their country rather than the ones who were supposed to take India to a prosperous path but ended up in drenching our mother land in corruption. Through my blog I have tried to make it easy for the people who have somewhat less idea about the current political scenario but are willing to participate with full zeal by giving vote during the coming elections.

Unlike the previous election, this time we are expected to see a new face apart from the old iconic figures. Yes! You guessed it right! I am talking about the IAC (India against corruption) supremo Mr. Arvind Kejriwal. He is mesmerizing the “gareeb” with his tactics of accusing every politician without any substantial proof. Doing this might be giving him cheap publicity but Indian “democracy” demands proof which he has constantly failed to provide. Speaking very frankly and practically, he stands no chance to win against the giants like the BJP. All he has been    doing till now is just raising hopes among the Indians but nowhere near to live up to their expectations. He has been leading the “morchas” which have shown no result. He has been very aggressive with his mouth; I wish he would have shown the same aggression for passing the Jan -Lokpal Bill which is lost somewhere in the shelves of ever-increasing government files. It’s   a long way ahead of him to prove his loyalty for his countrymen and to establish himself as a politician. Even if the people of India don’t vote for congress they will prefer voting BJP rather than him. So as of now I keep him aside for the contenders to hold the PMO. Another figure who was quite a sensation few days back is the Trinamool Congress President Ms. Mamta Banerjee. Well, most of her decisions are taken with respect to the growth of West Bengal alone. While serving as the railway minister her love for West Bengal was very much evident when every plan coming from her state was passed but much-needed rail development plans in states like Rajasthan were held for undefined period of time. Moreover the recent steps she took clearly showed her immaturity and her confused state (as quoted my Mulayam Singh Yadav). My verdict for her is same as I said for the IAC leader. She alone stands nowhere (except for West Bengal’s CM Post), so she is also out of the PM race.

Now let’s move a level up and talk about some serious contenders. From congress it could be either of the trio (Manmohan-Rahul-Sonia) and from BJP, I see again a love triangle between Mr.Lal Krishna Advani, Mr.Narendra Modi and Mrs.Sushma Swaraj (all desperately waiting to hold the PMO). From congress I pick DR.Manmohan Singh to be the most capable contender. There is no doubt that his present cabinet is filled up with corrupt ministers but he still represents India globally. He has been the icon for millions of Indians (who would now deny agreeing). If I say BJP is free from corruption I would be talking foolish. Corruption happens because WE (the people of INDIA) allow it to happen. We are the part of the system, remember?? Now that we have raised our voice and we are fully active, no minister (BJP or CONGRESS) will dare to put his hand into corruption (biggest fear of a politician is the “aam admi”). If we vote BJP and sit quietly thinking that now corruption won’t happen then I think we are fools. PM of a country is its representative throughout the world. A lot of factors are also to be looked upon apart from his loyalty towards his nation. It would be hilarious to watch Anna Hazaare dealing with the British over nuclear arms..!!! I hope I have conveyed the message successfully.

 Now coming back to BJP I have some serious confusion. The party is already dangling with its much criticized “hindutva” image. Sushma Swaraj poses the advantage of being the first lady Prime Minister after Indira Gandhi, but we did that mistake already once when Mrs.Pratibha Patil was made the President. No offence against female contenders but I feel she isn’t the right person for the post which requires high expertise and the strengths to bear the hopes of 1 billion Indians.  Another man from the BJP is the most senior leader after former Indian Prime Minister Mr.Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Yes, we are talking about Mr.L.k.Advani. His dream of sitting on the most powerful chair was deeply shattered in the previous elections where he hailed to win from a big margin but it proved just the opposite.  It seems that now he has lost his charm of being a hot favorite contender. Moreover he faces a real strong challenge from his own party member Mr. Modi who has been rallying around every possible corner to mark his presence as the strongest contender for the upcoming elections. Modi posses all the qualities which is expected out of a PM. No doubt he is courageous and won’t hesitate in taking harsh decisions (a quality he shares with Dr. Manmohan Singh).  But unlike Dr. Singh he has a dark past, thanks to the Gujarat Riots which has ruined his image in the rest of the India. Overall, in my view if BJP comes to power its Mr.Modi who will take the command.

So finally we are now left with two strongest game players in the current political environment. One side we have rock solid and silent attacker from the congress, Dr Manmohan Singh (who’s economic decisions have projected India globally as the strongest and most promising market to invest) faced by his bitter rival from BJP Mr. Narendra Modi who is the heart of Gujarat, the state which is the investor favorite and has the highest percentage of growth and development in past 10 years (according to the latest yahoo report).  Here is the small comparo:

Mr. Narendra Modi Dr. Manmohan Singh
A controversial figure both within India and internationally. Honors’ degree in Economics, University of Cambridge – St John’s College (1957)DPhil in Economics, University of Oxford –Nuffield College (1962)
Longest serving CM in Gujarat’s history. Singh held several key posts in the Government of India, such as Chief Economic Advisor (1972–76), Reserve Bank Governor (1982–85) and Planning Commission head (1985–87).
Credited with the high economic growth in Gujarat under his government. In 1991 as the finance minister, Singh carried out several structural reforms that liberalized India’s economy.
Administration received heated criticism surrounding the 2002 Gujarat Violence. In 2007, India achieved its highest GDP growth rate of 9% and became the second fastest growing major economy in the world.
Ordered the demolition of many Hindu Temples that were built without proper government sanction. Although India’s economy grew rapidly under UPA I, its security was threatened by several terrorist incidents (culminating in the 2008 Mumbai Attacks) and a growing Maoist insurgency.
February 2011, the Times Of India reported that an alleged confidential report from the SIT indicted Modi on several counts of alleged complicity in the Gujarat riots of 2002. Singh has always been perceived as a man of clean background.
In April 2012, Raju Ramachandran (Supreme Court Lawyer) observed that Modi can be prosecuted under sections 153 A (1) (a) & (b), 153 B (1), 166 and 505 (2) of the Indian Penal Code for promoting enmity among different groups during the 2002 Gujarat riots. Criticized for not being able to reduce the Naxal terrorism.

I have tried to show the best possible comparison amongst various leaders. Now it’s up to you to decide and vote wisely. Your vote will reflect back to you in terms of development of India. Vote to the party who doesn’t just offers you worldly things but also has the zeal to take back India to the path of success and glory.

Jai Hind

Murtaza Alamshah


My Sweet-Bitter Childhood


I still remember that rainy day when I came home from school terribly upset and scared of my mom because i managed to score only 10 on 50 in my half-yearly mathematics examinations( Indian education system anyway sucks).For once I thought of giving the diary (on which my mathematics teacher wrote my marks and asked me to get it signed) to my friend but then I remembered the previous case when I did the similar thing to hide my quarterly marks and my mom asked me to go to my friend’s house and get back my diary..!! uuf….! It was so tiring..! I thought its best to say that I left my diary in the school.

 I was hoping not to be questioned about my marks but bless my luck, before I could keep that heavy piece of junk from my exhausted shoulders I was asked by my mom if there was any copy shown in the class. I tried my level best not to let her see my diary but she peeped into by bag and bang..!!!! From there on I remember nothing but just heavy military
grenades being bombarded on my soft cheeks. Well, this wasn’t the end of the endless drama. Normally after all this torture that my mom did to me, it used to be my turn to get mom some scoldings from my dad…:D But this day was a bit different. I ran hard to reach to the telephone and make a call to my dad but I suddenly realized that my feet were above the ground and I was flying. Oh no..!!! Its my mom who got me first, pulled me and locked me in my room for the entire evening. I was not allowed to go out and play with my friends that evening. Sitting alone in my room I was crying and suddenly I heard my mom talking to my dad in a very low tone regarding my marks. She was upset. I realized that she was more hurt than me throughout this drama. All she wants is to see me successful . But still I was angry because I wasn’t allowed to go out and play( that’s certainly me being kiddish :D). With all these  thoughts running in my mind I just fell asleep.

Suddenly, I heard the horn on my dad’s car and I started banging the door harshly (almost hurting my tiny little wrist) and asked my mom to let me come out. My mom opened the door and suddenly I had all the strengths to face her eye to eye. I came down running towards my dad (who was then taking his office bag out his car’s back seat) and started complaining about my mom. I repeatedly demanded my dad to slap my mom as she slapped me infinite times for such a tiny reason.  Suddenly I could sense the change in the tone of my mom and she was loving me with those generous hands which I felt like iron rods a few hours back..! She hugged me and kissed me. It felt great to me. After all mom is mom..!!  I
asked my dad to take me out for a ride as mom didn’t allow me to go out and play today. My dad cheerfully said OK and Me and my DADasked me to wipe out my tears and get ready.Then taking the advantage of the situation I added another tiny little request to my dad and asked him to buy me new stationary.:D  I thought when in the world I will get such an opportunity again, let’s make full use of it. But I realized that my feet were again above the ground and I was flying..!! Oh god not again..! This time its my dad..! I still remember very clearly, he said “ Anyways you got 10 marks and you have 10 demands popping up…how about I ask your mom to give you 10 more of those military grenades?” 😀  I didn’t utter a word and went quickly to the bathroom to get ready or else I will miss this ride too.

Today I miss those old sweet memories and I really wish I could go back in time, but then I realize how long will I ask my dad to take me for a ride? My mom used to scold me on every single thing now loves me the most in this world. Today I have to eat food in my hostel mess I miss those delicious dishes she used to prepare exclusively for me.Its only now I have realized that she is the one who  worries about me the most.  It’s not required to say that I love my mom and dad more than anyone in this world.I believe its time now that I become the guardian of my parents and fulfill there every wish as they have been doing without any hesitation and with utmost love.

Murtaza Alamshah

Free World-The Perfect Utopia

In the midst of agony I shall reveal my desire,
is there a free world I can acquire?
Anguished by the mentalities of extremists,
locked behind the bars of illusion,
can we generate the love this world requires?

Started my day by reading the news,
rapes, corruption and economical issues.
Shocked to see such hatred,
an invisible tear drops down my eye.
Everything in this world is an utter lie..!

It seems all the love has faded,
can it ever again dominate over hatred?
While the hope remains in many of us,
repairing this world seems to be a distant dream.
I think its just my daydream!

God is watching us but none are afraid.
There will come a time when our bodies will get decayed.
No matter what we do that time,
we wont be exempted or forgiven,
we will have to pay for our sins and actions!

Murtaza Alamshah