Free World-The Perfect Utopia

In the midst of agony I shall reveal my desire,
is there a free world I can acquire?
Anguished by the mentalities of extremists,
locked behind the bars of illusion,
can we generate the love this world requires?

Started my day by reading the news,
rapes, corruption and economical issues.
Shocked to see such hatred,
an invisible tear drops down my eye.
Everything in this world is an utter lie..!

It seems all the love has faded,
can it ever again dominate over hatred?
While the hope remains in many of us,
repairing this world seems to be a distant dream.
I think its just my daydream!

God is watching us but none are afraid.
There will come a time when our bodies will get decayed.
No matter what we do that time,
we wont be exempted or forgiven,
we will have to pay for our sins and actions!

Murtaza Alamshah


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