The Last Moment

Love is the greatest gift we can ever hope to give or receive.  Love is the one thing that can overcome so many of the difficult times that we are faced with in life.  Love is so powerful – it can turn frowns into smiles.  It can help mend the broken heart.  It can even turn all of the ugliness in the world into the most beautiful portrait we could ever have the pleasure to behold.


Dear readers,

Today I will not bore you with politics or social issues like I have always been doing. On the contrary, I have taken up the most beautiful topic we humans could ever think of. It’s LOVE..! Yeah, I can see that broad smile on your faces. Love is the key to everything. Love brings all we desire. Money can’t buy everything. No doubt, love tops that list. Life without love is like bungalow which has not been painted. It will always look dull no matter how much comfort it has. Why to sit alone when God has made one for you? All you need to do is to search that person around you. Today with this article I want to encourage all of my friends who have a secret crush on someone but are hesitating to express their feelings.

With the college life almost coming to an end, I know many people would still be waiting for the right time to express themselves and in my view they will never find that “right time” till they don’t show the courage to speak. Love demands no occasion to express. It demands feelings and real emotions to be shown up. Few might have even lost all the hopes and would just be giving themselves the condolence which they don’t deserve. Grow up..! Show some passion..! You are dealing with the feeling of being in love (the most passionate feeling) after all! What are you afraid of? Don’t tell me you live in the era where they say “yaar dosti bhi chali jayegi”..!  Dude…dosti dosti me poori ladki chali jayegi! Do you have the fear that she will slap you (provided you propose decently 🙂 )? My answer to this is if she really knows the meaning of love, she won’t attempt to do such an act. Reflect your love not by helping secretly but by expressing in front of her. If you don’t say, someone else will say. Then you will end up as the mediator between the two of them..:)! This is what you think you deserve? Go, get up and say before it’s too late! Imagine yourself being dressed as the groom and not as the guest..:-) It’s now or never..! What could happen at the worst? She might ignore you…or she might insult you..! That’s it? If you truly love her then the pain of not saying to her and seeing her in another man’s arms  would be much more painful than the pain of getting rejected. Show your emotions…let them flow and make her realize how much you love her. Relationships are made in heaven. All we need to do is express ourselves. On the sad side if you taste failure then dude there are loads of them. God always gives another chance :-). Cheer up and live life to its maximum rather than ending it up like the epic Indian DEVDAS!

I hope after reading this some of you would show courage and dare to convey your feelings and I see some of my friend’s Facebook status getting changed. Don’t be a looser. History has witnessed some  of the greatest love stories and you can add up yours too for the next generation.

God bless

Murtaza alamshah


12 thoughts on “The Last Moment

  1. I could certainly write all about finding love – even in my sixties! My beloved husband and I met on the internet ten years ago – have been married for just over seven and are blissfully happy.

  2. Very positive, wise, and encouraging words.

    For me, love is at the heart of everything. It is why writing is so appealing: you can craft and sculpt these moments of beauty into a story, exploring the ‘before’ and ‘after’, showing how much better the ‘after’ is, with all its ups and downs, and how two are always better than one. It’s something intrinsically biological, hardcoded into our neurology, but we are diminished without it, a flawless organism with a flawed soul. The things people have done out of love show us at our best, and our worst.

    Thanks for liking my ‘2012-11-24’ post.


    • i completely agree with you….for me love is an eternal feeling which can never be destroyed. being in love is certainly the best that can happen to a human being.
      and thanks for giving your valuable comment to my post…:)

  3. What a great post. I met my husband on Bondi Beach, Australia when I was fifteen and he was seventeen. We married as teenagers and are still married 42 years later. It inspired my book: Ominous Love.

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