The Inside You

Man is made by his belief. As he believes, so he is.


Hello friends,

First of all I would like to wish all of my readers a very happy and a prosperous Diwali. May goddess Lakshmi step into your house and you get whatever you desire. All your loved ones stay in peace and you remain distant from any ill happenings. Play safe and avoid burning crackers. The festival of Diwali symbolizes victory of good over the evil and that’s what I try to convey all of you today with this post. The world was never generous and it can never be, but what matters is that even today good has its place wherever we go. How big the evil be, it can be neutralized with the tiniest drop of good. So let’s unite and face the evil with determination and bravery. Our world needs people who can fight for the justice and are fearless to uproot the evil from the society. This post is dedicated to those who are sacrificing themselves every moment to make this world a better place to live and this post is also a lesson for those who are trying to bring dirty perceptions into the society and break its unity.

India today is battling with several social issues particularly the caste discrimination. Innocent people are humiliated everyday by our society in the name of their caste. Lower caste people are not allowed to enter the village and are forced to live outside. Occupational discrimination is another foolish and idiotic tradition followed in India. A porter must remain a porter even if he is not able to sell a single piece of his art. This is what I call the terrifying side of the human creativity.  Most adverse effects are seen with the children who are born to a lower class family. Their childhood days are surrounded with misery instead of love and proper schooling. Do they posses no right to be treated as equals? Yes, in eye of law they are but what about the society? Are we so blind in religion that we keep it over humanity? No religion teaches us to divide people. It’s only the perception of the man which makes him think so. Did god made those people with different lower grade organs? Does their skin is different from ours?  If no, then why we do such discrimination? The truth is that the evil lies within us. It’s in our heart. We have accumulated the dirt in our body. It’s we who have got a dirty lower grade skin and again it’s we who have lowered ourselves in the eyes of god. We say our politicians are corrupt and we will fight against them but we will never fight against our corrupt mind.

Now a days we are even one step ahead. Today we have started discriminating not just by caste but also by states. Recent example would be fleeing of innocent north-east Indians from the IT hub Bangalore. Another example could be the Mumbai-Bihari discrimination. We were initially fighting within castes but now we are fighting on various levels. Discrimination in India is now as popular as the game of Cricket. Those days are not far when Cricket teams will have caste quota. Once upon a time my social science book used to say that India has unity in diversity but today I feel it never existed. Till we don’t prove ourselves superior over the other we don’t feel satisfied. IPL( Indian Premier League) was meant to foster Cricket in India but its matches result in deadly fights in my hostel. In such moments we all forget that our base is same-INDIA. All we remember is the level of discrimination we are on to!

India cannot progress with this mentality. If we want better living and a safer place for our family we have to fight within ourselves because the evil is within us. Whatever we see is the result of the greed and hatred multiplying within us. Stop polluting the society and help others without discrimination.  Only then we can build a strong India. Once we were slaves of the British but today we are the slaves of our evil mind. I hope we reunite once more and save ourselves and our future generations. At the end I personally salute to the people who are working behind the scene to help the needy and it’s only because of their constant efforts that we still share a bond which is strong and not shattered completely.

Murtaza alamsah


5 thoughts on “The Inside You

  1. A very relevant issue to discuss. And just as the night is darkest just before, I sincerely hope such and many more concerning are dealt with sooner than later. Happy diwali to all.

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