Without You


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My Recommendation–Romantic Saxophone

Being in love can change your perception about every single thing. You will experience a new world around you.

                                                                            -Murtaza Alamshah

Without you, my life was a big mess,

I was dull and my mind so stressed.

You gave me back my smile,

You are mine and will always be mine.


Without you I am totally incomplete,

Never leave me else my heart won’t beat.

I wake up and I dream about you,

As fresh as a morning dew.


Without you I am a crippled man,

I can’t do a thing which anybody can.

I need your support my whole life,

Will u marry me and be my wife?


Without you I can’t breathe,

A kiss from you is what I need.

I thank god for sending you to me,

I want to hug and kiss you deeply.


Without you, whom will I write poems for!

You add sweetness to my life which is otherwise sour.

This is my heart speaking directly to you,

I love you and will always do.



Love and Regards

Murtaza Alamshah


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