Complexity of Life [DECODED]

Suicide is the man’s way of telling God, “You can’t fire me-I quit”.

-Bill Maher

For those who find difficult to handle life and consider suicide as their last option to overcome it.

  Love is the most appropriate synonym for life.

      Smile is the most valuable yet a free  gift of life.

      Happiness is the key to live life.

      Patience is the only way to understand life.

     Stress and tension are the algorithms that jumble your life.

    Music is the best stress reliever of life.

      Kind heartedness is a must to explore new dimensions of life.

      Positive attitude is the sole requirement to tackle problems in life.

      Faith in God will protect you from evil in life.

    Anger will add confusions to your life. (Effects are seen only after anger is released)

    Friendship will deepen the roots of happiness in your life.

    Loneliness is the biggest enemy of life.

    Your family is the backbone of your life.

   Dreams add curiosity to explore life.

 Overconfidence leads to defeat in the battle of life.

   Expectations add dependencies to life.

   Over expectations can ruin your life.

Why to end life when it’s so simple to handle? Just give it a try and you will find all the answers to your questions. Your deepest worries can be sorted out with these basic human feelings. Love is, and will always remain the most powerful weapon. Don’t shut the door of your heart and lock yourself behind it. Come out and be brave to face LIFE.


Further suggestions are most welcomed.

Murtaza Alamshah


16 thoughts on “Complexity of Life [DECODED]

  1. Im not trying to be all negative and such… but it isnt all that simple. When uve tried pretty much everything then u slowly lose hope in those answers. and then it isnt all “that easy”

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  3. Nice one.
    Life is a Game,there are are ups and downs.
    Play it, enjoy it and never try to analyse it.
    As you mature you would find that what you had experienced as unpleasant and the disappointments were all for your benefit in the long run.
    Enjoy it, you have a Right to live.

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