Happy New Year


God bless you all and I wish all of you a very prosperous year ahead.

With love

Murtaza Alamshah 


VIRGINITIPHOBIA-The Death of Democracy

sad guy sketchToday, after a violent battle with pain and trauma the Delhi gang rape victim finally lost her battle with life at the Singapore Hospital. It’s not just the death of a brutally tortured innocent girl but the death of democracy in India.  India, where its politicians suggest girls not to expose themselves and excite men to rape them rather than facing the challenge to tighten the security for its people. India, where the price of life and emotions is no more than a pile of garbage lying on the road. India, where criminals run like leopard and law procedures follow behind with the speed less than that of a tortoise. I am saddened and ashamed to be a man today. People around me always say I am emotionally very weak and somehow I always try to prove them wrong but today I am helpless. I am just so helpless…!!! I couldn’t do a thing for her while she was struggling for her life. I failed to give her justice while she was alive.

My society is filled with monsters. By monsters I really mean the cruelest and the most insane creatures no mind can ever imagine. There is race among these monsters to commit the most barbarous crimes.  I seriously wish we (humans) were asexual creatures. We don’t deserve to be a part of nature.  Even a dumb animal never ever does such acts. If human race is garden then men are the gardeners and women are its blushing flowers but some of those gardeners pluck them and crush them badly. We (men) have lost it completely. I get restless when I imagine about the pain the girl must have felt. I am so sensitive that even if someone puts his heavy hand on me I can’t stand his load but when I think about the girl who carried the infinite load of mental trauma and the physical pain in her tiny little heart for last 13 days of her life, I really feel I don’t deserve to live. Today I have realized one thing. God doesn’t exist! No he does not! If he exists then he is unsentimental. He created humans with emotions but forget to save some for himself.

How can this ever get changed! India needs to fight another battle of independence but today we don’t have people like BHAGAT SINGH and MAHATMA GANDHI who can devote themselves of the nation. I am afraid for my country and its people. The current situation is such that not a single female in India is sure of coming home safely at any time of day. The irony is that they are not safe within their own house too! They are getting raped anywhere, anyplace, anytime and in any manner. This is the real truth of India. India, which was once called as the land of Gods and Goddesses, is now a land of rapists and we preach lust.  Wherever we go, we just show lust. Be it for foreigners or for money and power. My feelings, my writing won’t help now. The fact is we have lost an innocent life and no one can get it back but I will work hard to make this society a better place to live. I don’t know when will I achieve it but yes, I will try my level best because I can’t live with it.

That’s me in the picture and I request everyone to shed at least one tear and pray for the innocent who is now lying in peace.

2012-12-29 12.12.57


My thoughts on Life


The biggest fear in life is not death but the way it will come.

God created humans or humans created God?  I really don’t know!

Live life for others and life teaches you how to live.

If you believe in God, you have added one more fear to your life.

Humans become ultraviolet after death. They are in front of us but we can’t see them.

Sense of superiority has killed humanity.

God is a businessman. He deals with emotions.

Only a few can achieve to remain optimistic throughout their life.

Life is very beautiful. We just need to free our mind.

Life is not complex. It’s our brain which makes it complex.

The more we try to solve the complexity of life the more complex it gets.

Life is a mirror which reflects your perception.

Life is synonym for freedom. There are no rules to live life.

Murtaza Alamshah

News Channels-Clowns of India


Mass media such as television and radio are often considered to be the most efficient medium to circulate information to people. They are no less a boon for the society and act as the stage for a common man to raise his voice but Indian media works with a different perspective. Apart from telecasting breaking news and other inside story (which should be their prime objective) they equally telecast idiotic and completely nonsense shows on prime time which rightly makes them deccanthe clowns of India. Earlier people use to switch to news channels to get updated for some serious news but now people watch it for pre/post cricket match analysis and astrology related stuff. That’s not all. They do telecast television serials also, serials which are totally rubbish. There are many good shows such as “CRIME PATROL” which shows documentaries on real court cases and is really worth watching. It rightly displays the current situation of India and its democratic loopholes but our media focuses on shows like “BIG BOSS” which neither gives any knowledge nor any information. They show it because it’s a public sensation.

Media particularly in India can play a sensational role if used properly and with full determination but sadly it has constantly failed to achieve that goal. I quote my society as a place where personal interests occupy higher priority than national interests. Media in India seems no longer ambitious to educate people instead it seems to be getting greedy. I agree they have done some amount of work but that’s too less compared to what could have been done. In my personal opinion they don’t believe in reaching the root cause of a problem instead they believe in sensationalizing its content and telecast it till the public is attached with it. Recent example is the Delhi Gang Rape. Rape in India occurs every day debatebut media has focused the Delhi case as it’s in the capital of India. If a rape occurs in a small village, media rarely telecasts because people don’t really care to come on roads in such big numbers (as in delhi case) then and hence it’s not a sensation. So they just display it as small news in some corner of television. This clearly proves that media focuses only on sensational news which can increase their TRP. Another case is the JAN LOKPAL BILL. Media was busy telecasting comments of various political parties over this issue as it was a real sensation (Indian people love watching the cat fight between their manner less politicians) but none of them even gave a slight brief on what exactly was the bill all about. They said it’s an attempt to remove corruption, that’s all! How and on what norms were some questions that were never the aim of media people to answer to its viewers. When the bill finally got rejected in the LOK SABHA only then I saw newspapers displaying the bill policies and its contents.  Most of the people in India didn’t know what was written in the bill. What they just knew was that it was something which could have solved the issue of corruption but it was rejected as all our politicians were corrupt. Certainly, media is not taking India to the right path.

Apart from such issues there are many others which add to its list. Media presentation is really most hilarious part. The way they present the news, the way they speak just proves that they want each and every second of their telecast to be sensationalized. If you want to have a look you can go to YouTube and check out INDIA TV.  That’s one channel which can honored with the post of prime joker in Indian Media Industry. I feel humiliated when I watch such pathetic stuff. Media recently itself faced a slap on its face when Mrs. Aishwarya Rai Bachhan had to explicitly requested Indian Government to media not to telecast her pregnancy news. I really felt great that moment but we still need to teach them a lot more. Their greed for sensational news is so high that they often forget their limits.






Indian Media has a lot of potential and it surely plays the major in the development of India. I sincerely appeal them to focus more on educating the mass and guiding them to the right path. Media is the only active bridge between the problems of the common man and the government. I wish they use their power judiciously and work for the betterment of society.

Thank you

Murtaza Alamshah

Where medicine fails!


Medicine can repair a damaged heart but love can repair a broken heart.

People die because of a disease but people kill others only out of emotions.

Effect of drugs last for some sometime, emotions last forever.

You can stop taking man made drugs but you can never stop feeling emotions.


Human emotions are the strongest drugs. We all are addicted to them and we cannot sustain without them. These emotions can drive us to do anything. They take our decisions and they are the ones who control our brain. Balanced dose will keep us stable but overdose/under dose of emotions can be dangerous.

Always have a command on yourself. It’s good for yourself, for people around you and your society.

Murtaza Alamshah

I want to live


Recently New Delhi, capital of India witnessed a brutal gang rape of a 23 years old paramedical student on Sunday night. She has been battling for her life and has been on a ventilator ever since for more than 72 hours now. After undergoing five rigorous surgeries, the poor victim has lost her intestine and various other vital organs. It gave me the creeps when I read all this in the local newspaper. This is the height of animalism! Men on one side run the society and on the other ruin the dignity, the respect, the soul of women in the dark shades of animalistic behavior. They think women are their property and they own them to do anything with them. Even a tiger doesn’t tear his prey with such brutality like they rip the soul of the women. My hands are shivering while writing this post. I am so deeply affected by it.

There is a wave of fear and agitation among the female class but what are the chances (in India) that their plea would be addressed in the society? What are the chances that a girl won’t be raped in future? India is very resistant to changes. Nothing here changes so easily, neither the laws nor the mentality. It’s the only place in the world where a woman (goddess) is worshipped and raped at the same time. Our culture, our religion has been mocked by such acts happening in our society. Assaulting a woman sexually shows the torturing and horrifying side of male domination.  Some genius political personalities from my society blame women as they wear short clothes which excite men. They (with their extraordinary metric failed minds) suggest women not to excite men unnecessarily for the sake of their own good. Ridiculous! Comments like this are enough to raise doubts on such people’s mental state.  What message does this gives to society; “girls, we are ready to rape you in the deadliest possible manner, just give us a hint”. I feel very ashamed. The situation now for a girl is such that it’s better to get raped than to resist. People do such barbarous, remorseless and insensitive acts that a normal person can’t even think of. Oh god..! What am I saying? I am asking a innocent girl to get raped to save her life! My society has made me incapable of looking into my own eyes in the mirror.

sexual_assault (1)

The question still remains the same. How can a woman save herself from such unwanted elements? Relying on police and government would be a stupid decision. I am ashamed but I think our psychopathic politician’s above mentioned comments are most suited in this point of time. I would like to relate this with an example. Suppose you are driving fast on a straight one way road (similar to a girl enjoying late night outs and wearing whatever she wants) and you suddenly see a car coming wrong side towards you (no need to say whom I am actually trying to point to) and you meet with a severe accident (the crime). Now you were not wrong on your part as it was meant to be a one way but you are still in bed fighting for your life. May be if you were slow you could have stopped your car from colliding (I am not expecting any safety measures from the other side as they are drunk). This is INDIA and here one thing fits perfectly; YOUR SAFETY IS ONLY AND ONLY IN YOUR HANDS. This never means that you should back down. Fight for justice but with full understanding of the gravity of the current situation.  Remedies are many and most of them straightforward. we can do itIncreased police patrolling, law amendments to process rape cases fast and effectively and increase in punishment for rapist are some of the simple and clear solutions. Indian penal code allows maximum of 7 years of imprisonment to the rapist for raping a woman and up to 10 years of imprisonment for raping a pregnant woman or an under 18 girl. However few exceptions have been made by the court sentencing death penalty but proportion of such cases is extremely low. We surely need some amendments out there. Don’t we? Offence related to sexual assault should be made strictly non bailable in no matter what form it is and how small it is.  Other complicated long term solutions could be adding a minor law subject in 12th class and above to let people aware of the laws and their penalties along with relevant examples. These are some of the ethical ways which in my point of view will contribute only 5% to the cause of avoiding such incidents. Real power lies in unethical ways such as burning them alive on road, public hanging, chopping off their genital organs etc. I know this is insanity but we are left with no options.5 such steps taken and it will stop 50000 steps towards crime whereas it is exactly the opposite if we follow ethical methods.  Other initiatives include self defense classes for girls. Karate classes have proven to be most useful in such cases. Use of pepper spray is no more just a Bollywood act. Girls have used it in real time to save themselves from notorious creatures. Here is a link to a website owned and run by a woman who lost her baby in course of rape by her ex husband. She now runs this site to educate other women in self defense.


I am almost in tears writing this and I feel being arrested by gloominess and pain but the girl when asked by the doctors about her state replied “I WANT TO LIVE”! This is so emotional. Why sometimes god becomes so merciless? I salute to her courage and my pray to my god to have mercy on her and gift her speedy recovery.

Murtaza Alamshah