Yes, You Can

Experience is the child of thought, and thought is the child of action.

-Benjamin Disraeli

Hello, Namaskar, Assllamwalekum,

It’s been quite a few days I didn’t post anything due to my exams but now I am back with my pen to grab your attention. I hope all of you are in great health and god showers upon you with everything you need. Recently the Indian subcontinent witnessed two major events. One being the execution of lashkar-e-tauba terrorist Ajmal Kasab (he needs no introduction) and the other big news which made headlines was the arresting of a girl in Mumbai on making ill comments against Shiva Sena founder Mr.Bal Thackeray. We all know what happened with the girl was a tight slap against the freedom of speech but still none of us raised our voice against this awful act. I believe what we lack is confidence and an inspiration to raise our voice, to succeed in life. Today I want to inspire each one of you so that you are always the first one to raise your voice against the bad and you always stand ahead of the others wherever you go.

The world has given birth to some of the exceptional leaders like Mahatma Gandhi who with his epic “SatyaGraha  Andolan” swiped away entire British army from India. Another person being Sir Albert Einstein who entirely changed the way we look into the world. One more name that comes into my mind is my favorite Roger Federer, the tennis superstar. All of them have contributed in different ways but they all have one thing in common, the zeal to prove the world. They have made history not because they were special but because they used their potential in the right way. It would be too lengthy to mention their contributions to the society (and moreover that’s not my objective) as they are endless but what matters here is that they were no more different than us. They sat on the same school bench, ate the same kind of food and lived the same way we r living. What separates them from the rest is their continuous dedication towards their goal and their “never back down” attitude. Gandhi ji was thrown out of the train as he was a black while his visit to South Arica. That’s when the fire was ignited inside him to free people from slavery. Albert Einstein used to demand explanation for everything around him. His father once showed him a pocket compass; Einstein realized that there must be something causing the needle to move, despite the apparent “empty space” and that’s where he went into proving the deepest secrets of the universe. After years of success and top ranking, there came a time when people started speculating that now it’s time for Roger Federer to retire. He worked hard constantly for 2 years to regain his most favorite title of Wimbledon this year and came back to no.1 in the rankings. They all are ordinary people but still they are special because of their courageous attitude.

All of them were initially mocked by people around them but they never cared because they knew they were right. God has blessed every one of us with some special quality. It’s only up to us to find our inner strength. This is the time where we give more attention to what others are saying about us rather than listening to our own heart. Remember one thing; people criticize about you only when they feel that you are doing something which is either absolutely wrong or perfectly correct. Dare to take a step ahead. Only then you will know the outcome of it. Don’t simply sit and predict the outcome and declare yourself a loser before even competing. If Albert Einstein had not searched for the answers to his questions we might have still been in 17th century. If Gandhi ji had not dared to fight back for his dignity and for his fellow countrymen India would still be under British rule. (Though learning about the recent scams I feel, even Gandhi ji would have preferred to be a slave of the British J ). The leader is inside us. All we need to do is to carve it out within ourselves.

Sit back and relax yourself. Close your eyes and try to analyze where your true potential lies. Make that as the goal of your life and start working on it till you don’t achieve it. Serve your society and always stay healthy. I hope you get inspired by my effort and you all become successful leader in own fields.

Your comments are valuable.

God bless

Murtaza Alamshah


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