Recipe for Life


Play music of your choice from the panel to add more taste



1 clean and kind heart, bunch of close friends, 2 tablespoon of politeness, 1 teaspoon of anger, 2 tablespoons of determination, trust(as per taste), 2 tablespoons of patience, a few drops of love essence and 1 broad smiling face for icing.


Add politeness and determination to your heart and mix it thoroughly. To this add some sweetness. Continue mixing till the sweetness is soaked completely. This is perhaps the most essential ingredient as it will allow mixing up of all the other ingredients.

Now add 1 teaspoon of anger as it will act as a catalyst to boost up the process. Too much of it will result in a bitter taste. After mixing, now add 2 tablespoons of patience. This will allow everything to settle down in your heart. This works as a neutralizer between anger and determination and prevents any exothermic reaction in your recipe. To this add trust as per taste. Too much of it can be very harmful for your heart and too less would mean no taste at all.

Now add a few drops of love essence and a bunch of close friends. They will provide the real taste and colors to your life. Stir consistently and allow everything to get mixed up. If everything goes well you must smell happiness and delightfulness.


Add a broad smiling face with red blushing cheeks.

Enjoy life and serve others

Recipe by:

Murtaza Alamshah


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