The Last Knight

A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes

-Mark Twain

Music: Moonlight Sonata

I am your greatest weapon,

I can kill every monster or demon.

But nobody dares to stand with me,

I wonder why you all flee!


Why are you removing me from your heart?

Without me you know you will fall apart.

Whom are you fooling by doing such an act?

I can never be changed and that’s a fact.


Just because you can’t handle me,

Doesn’t mean there is something wrong in me.

You always look for an easy way to start,

You discourage others, who follow my path.


Your misconceptions about me are many,

I am a waste and my company will never let you earn a penny.

You are afraid to choose my way,

But the course you choose is as slippery as clay.


You are just hypnotized by the evil,

You are his woo doo doll with endless needles.

Only I can free you from his slavery,

Show some courage and follow my path with bravery.


You are mortal but still dare to challenge my immortality,

What you fancy is just a virtual reality.

Only I can show you the path of spirituality,

Follow my path and change your mentality.


I hope you have recognized me,

Just follow your heart and you will find me.

Believe in me and don’t ever lie,

Tell me who am I?


Murtaza Alamshah


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