Made in Heaven

To love is to recieve a glimpse of heaven.

-By Karen Sunde


Hello friends,

First of all thank you so much for supporting me and admiring my work. You are the source of inspiration for me. I wish you all are in good health and happiness always welcomes you at your doorstep. It’s been 10 days since I have finished my engineering examinations and right now I am back home spending precious time with my loved ones. From the past ten days I am experiencing everlasting joy and happiness inside me. I thought it’s worth sharing my feelings with you because what I am feeling right now it’s no ordinary feeling. It’s the feeling of love, something which is most needed in today’s world and whose value is getting diminished each passing day.

Being with my family and my very close friends, I have realized one thing that I might not care about my life but I am one of the reasons for the broad smile glowing on their faces. This gives me pure pleasure and I feel so delighted. It gives me motivation to always keep them happy and never let them go. Sometimes I wonder what would have been my life without them. A rainbow without colors? Or a garden without flowers? Well, I don’t really know but what I know is that we all need someone in our life and for me it’s the bunch of these people who make me realize that we all share a single heart beating inside all of us. My parents begin my homecoming countdown almost a month before my scheduled date of arrival.  My friends desperately wait for me to arrive so that we all can party together. They keep calling me up and plan the dates accordingly. It’s their unconditional love that makes me what I am today. My mom doesn’t like to cook much but with me being at home she cooks every continental dish possible for me (yummy…I am fond of food). Being my parent’s only child I am always treated like a king. They all together encircle me with ecstasy. One feeling which is said to be very special is to love someone truly and another feeling which is equally special is being loved by someone deeply. I am lucky to feel both at the same time. Each and every person around me makes me realize their value in my life and how much I am worth for them. I always had this feeling of living for my loved ones rather than for myself and today I feel I have attained this goal. This positive energy has vibrated every string in me and I hear the music of satisfaction and extraordinary delectation. I see every face smiling around me. My attachment with them is inseparable. Some people believe that love weakens your ability. I feel exactly the opposite. My biggest strength is the love in get from these people. They say marriages are made in heaven, I say my life was made in heaven and god sent all the heavenly creatures for my protection.

At the end I would like to make a kind request to all of you reading this post. Love is not a physical thing which you can see with your eyes or you can keep in your showcase. It can only be felt with deep emotions. Like an atom bounds the nucleus, love bounds you with happiness. Don’t let it ever die within you and this is one thing which gets multiplied the times you share so share as much as possible as this world needs it badly.

Thank you

Love and regards

Murtaza Alamshah


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