Tryst with Love

If you were thinking about someone while reading this, you’re definitely in Love.

True Love

Dear Love,

Today I write my first letter to express my gratitude towards you. Without you my life was dull and completely black. You have made my life a paradise with sparkling colors of happiness, humor and cheerfulness. My dear Love, your support has given me strength to rediscover myself. My heart was a barren land but you gently opened the door of my heart and converted that land into an orchard of fruits. Your presence can be easily felt in my heartbeats beating so fast. I just can’t imagine my life if you are not around. Your everlasting affection has nurtured my emotions and given me the satisfaction I always needed. You kicked out loneliness from my heart and made it your kingdom of joy. You simply rule my heart. I was completely shattered from inside but then you happened to me and everything changed. I pray to God everyday to make you stay in my life forever. Even after death I want to remain in your arms and feel you. I feel your presence everywhere I go and I simply cherish all the moments I have spent so far with you. You are the reason behind my every little success. I can’t resist you. I need you more and more. Each day you increase your intensity towards me and lure me with your beauty, I can’t explain how deeply I desire you. It’s something I can’t express on a piece of paper else it would catch fire! I feel so privileged to feel you and to hear you whispering in my ears. I have treasured you as my soul mate and I thank you for making my life a heaven.

Thanks for meeting in person to me.

Yours lovingly

Murtaza Alamshah


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