Where medicine fails!


Medicine can repair a damaged heart but love can repair a broken heart.

People die because of a disease but people kill others only out of emotions.

Effect of drugs last for some sometime, emotions last forever.

You can stop taking man made drugs but you can never stop feeling emotions.


Human emotions are the strongest drugs. We all are addicted to them and we cannot sustain without them. These emotions can drive us to do anything. They take our decisions and they are the ones who control our brain. Balanced dose will keep us stable but overdose/under dose of emotions can be dangerous.

Always have a command on yourself. It’s good for yourself, for people around you and your society.

Murtaza Alamshah


5 thoughts on “Where medicine fails!

  1. Murtaza, how I love this!
    SO true! If only people realized the effects of emotions, stress, and the psychological condition of their minds on their bodies! People think popping a pill will cure their issues … but having a healthy body, mind, and soul is so much more than that! And no pill, shot or other “medicine” will ever change that!

  2. It’s always good to read from someone who is in command of themselves. Some people have great pain inside them that they’re driven to understand, and they either reach this state of stability or they come apart in flames like a misfiring rocket.

    I want to write on the subject of Drugs and Emotion. It will have to wait. I am still burning.

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