News Channels-Clowns of India


Mass media such as television and radio are often considered to be the most efficient medium to circulate information to people. They are no less a boon for the society and act as the stage for a common man to raise his voice but Indian media works with a different perspective. Apart from telecasting breaking news and other inside story (which should be their prime objective) they equally telecast idiotic and completely nonsense shows on prime time which rightly makes them deccanthe clowns of India. Earlier people use to switch to news channels to get updated for some serious news but now people watch it for pre/post cricket match analysis and astrology related stuff. That’s not all. They do telecast television serials also, serials which are totally rubbish. There are many good shows such as “CRIME PATROL” which shows documentaries on real court cases and is really worth watching. It rightly displays the current situation of India and its democratic loopholes but our media focuses on shows like “BIG BOSS” which neither gives any knowledge nor any information. They show it because it’s a public sensation.

Media particularly in India can play a sensational role if used properly and with full determination but sadly it has constantly failed to achieve that goal. I quote my society as a place where personal interests occupy higher priority than national interests. Media in India seems no longer ambitious to educate people instead it seems to be getting greedy. I agree they have done some amount of work but that’s too less compared to what could have been done. In my personal opinion they don’t believe in reaching the root cause of a problem instead they believe in sensationalizing its content and telecast it till the public is attached with it. Recent example is the Delhi Gang Rape. Rape in India occurs every day debatebut media has focused the Delhi case as it’s in the capital of India. If a rape occurs in a small village, media rarely telecasts because people don’t really care to come on roads in such big numbers (as in delhi case) then and hence it’s not a sensation. So they just display it as small news in some corner of television. This clearly proves that media focuses only on sensational news which can increase their TRP. Another case is the JAN LOKPAL BILL. Media was busy telecasting comments of various political parties over this issue as it was a real sensation (Indian people love watching the cat fight between their manner less politicians) but none of them even gave a slight brief on what exactly was the bill all about. They said it’s an attempt to remove corruption, that’s all! How and on what norms were some questions that were never the aim of media people to answer to its viewers. When the bill finally got rejected in the LOK SABHA only then I saw newspapers displaying the bill policies and its contents.  Most of the people in India didn’t know what was written in the bill. What they just knew was that it was something which could have solved the issue of corruption but it was rejected as all our politicians were corrupt. Certainly, media is not taking India to the right path.

Apart from such issues there are many others which add to its list. Media presentation is really most hilarious part. The way they present the news, the way they speak just proves that they want each and every second of their telecast to be sensationalized. If you want to have a look you can go to YouTube and check out INDIA TV.  That’s one channel which can honored with the post of prime joker in Indian Media Industry. I feel humiliated when I watch such pathetic stuff. Media recently itself faced a slap on its face when Mrs. Aishwarya Rai Bachhan had to explicitly requested Indian Government to media not to telecast her pregnancy news. I really felt great that moment but we still need to teach them a lot more. Their greed for sensational news is so high that they often forget their limits.






Indian Media has a lot of potential and it surely plays the major in the development of India. I sincerely appeal them to focus more on educating the mass and guiding them to the right path. Media is the only active bridge between the problems of the common man and the government. I wish they use their power judiciously and work for the betterment of society.

Thank you

Murtaza Alamshah


4 thoughts on “News Channels-Clowns of India

  1. It’s wrong to blame Media. Unlike US where a News channels earn 70% revenues from Subscribers and 30% from Advertisements, Indian media earns 85-90% from Ads and just 10-15% from subscription fees. Their primary customer are advertisers not the viewers.Today, all advertisement deals are mode on cost-per-sq-cm depending on circulation for newspapers and on cost-per-rating-point (CPRP), so revenue from ads are directly tied to TRP’s at various time slots, and TRP’s are more or less determined but what views watch or prefer to watch. They are not non-profits, they are in business, business of selling space or air time. So if you want masala they will sell masala. Times of India’s VC Samir Jain calls them 3Fs – food, fashion, and fuck. If we change our preferences, News channels will automatically change their content.

    Sports, politics and entertainment hog airtime on news channels because it’s cheap and easy to produce. For sports and politics, all you have to do is send a reporter and cameraman to cover the event. For entertainment, they are often paid. Also, so-called expert debates are popular among news channels because it costs almost nothing to produce them. Investigative reporting is more expensive, and since many media channels are running in losses (like NDTV) due to additional challenges like massive corruption in distribution. On the bright side with digitization of distribution things might improve because revenue from subscribers will increase 3-4 times making subscribers important.

    • well gaurav…..i get ur point…..i would conclude it in this way…:” you believe if we change media will change….i am running on the fact that….if media educates us(hopeless people) then India can change…! advertisements are OK but telecast by channel like INDIA TV are actually pathetic….thts what i want to convey….!! i dont blame media entirely…..its obvious… they telecast BIG BOSS because we demand it…but being responsible on their part..they much educate people….rather than taking care of our demands…thats all i want to say….! we as a whole can never change our attitude till someone teaches us….media can do it….so i just appeal them to do that….i am sorry if i am wrong its just my view….

      • Here is an interesting story I read some where:

        Do you remember the infamous Prince story? the one in which little boy fell in the well? That night every news channels was covering it 24×7, the only exception was India TV; instead of the Prince story, they aired a programme about a terrorist wanted in India and arrested in Nairobi, who disappeared before the Indian authorities could get to him. Next day India TV’s CEO arrived for his weekly meeting with the channel’s editor-in-chief Rajat Sharma, he realized that everyone was following the prince story, it was sensation. So he immediately dispatched its own team to cover the rescue, and aired what everyone less was showing, what everyone was interested in. Also the data showed that during the rescue Zee news was the most watched channel during that time (they originally broke the story). That’s when they realized what worked in India, and now they never pass a chance to broadcast a dramatic story.

        I agree, if media educates us(hopeless people) then India can change, but the question is why would they? Why would a channel loose money trying to educate people when rivals are earning by airing crap?

      • hmmm….if ur story is true then i think rajat sharma took it too damn seriously….:)
        i never told that ant individual channel should take the responsibility to carry out this task to educate india,,,,,after the request of aishwarya they created a committee to monitor the border between ethical and unethical journalism….same thing can be applied here…..if all media channels agree to this then they can divide the tasks….! i am just dreaming about this hypothetical situation….

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