My thoughts on Life


The biggest fear in life is not death but the way it will come.

God created humans or humans created God?  I really don’t know!

Live life for others and life teaches you how to live.

If you believe in God, you have added one more fear to your life.

Humans become ultraviolet after death. They are in front of us but we can’t see them.

Sense of superiority has killed humanity.

God is a businessman. He deals with emotions.

Only a few can achieve to remain optimistic throughout their life.

Life is very beautiful. We just need to free our mind.

Life is not complex. It’s our brain which makes it complex.

The more we try to solve the complexity of life the more complex it gets.

Life is a mirror which reflects your perception.

Life is synonym for freedom. There are no rules to live life.

Murtaza Alamshah


23 thoughts on “My thoughts on Life

  1. Hello,
    First: thanks for following my blog! I apriciate it!
    Second:I don’t realy agree with everything you wrote here.For example:I am more than infinite% sure that God created us.And my belief and trust in God is the Hope in my life…
    But the ones that I like are actualy very good.
    Great choice of words..:D

  2. Some interesting thoughts on your blog — I really shared your sad feelings about the poor girl who died. Thanks for sharing yours. I look forward to visiting again, and thanks for your follow of my blog! Cheers, Laura

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