VIRGINITIPHOBIA-The Death of Democracy

sad guy sketchToday, after a violent battle with pain and trauma the Delhi gang rape victim finally lost her battle with life at the Singapore Hospital. It’s not just the death of a brutally tortured innocent girl but the death of democracy in India.  India, where its politicians suggest girls not to expose themselves and excite men to rape them rather than facing the challenge to tighten the security for its people. India, where the price of life and emotions is no more than a pile of garbage lying on the road. India, where criminals run like leopard and law procedures follow behind with the speed less than that of a tortoise. I am saddened and ashamed to be a man today. People around me always say I am emotionally very weak and somehow I always try to prove them wrong but today I am helpless. I am just so helpless…!!! I couldn’t do a thing for her while she was struggling for her life. I failed to give her justice while she was alive.

My society is filled with monsters. By monsters I really mean the cruelest and the most insane creatures no mind can ever imagine. There is race among these monsters to commit the most barbarous crimes.  I seriously wish we (humans) were asexual creatures. We don’t deserve to be a part of nature.  Even a dumb animal never ever does such acts. If human race is garden then men are the gardeners and women are its blushing flowers but some of those gardeners pluck them and crush them badly. We (men) have lost it completely. I get restless when I imagine about the pain the girl must have felt. I am so sensitive that even if someone puts his heavy hand on me I can’t stand his load but when I think about the girl who carried the infinite load of mental trauma and the physical pain in her tiny little heart for last 13 days of her life, I really feel I don’t deserve to live. Today I have realized one thing. God doesn’t exist! No he does not! If he exists then he is unsentimental. He created humans with emotions but forget to save some for himself.

How can this ever get changed! India needs to fight another battle of independence but today we don’t have people like BHAGAT SINGH and MAHATMA GANDHI who can devote themselves of the nation. I am afraid for my country and its people. The current situation is such that not a single female in India is sure of coming home safely at any time of day. The irony is that they are not safe within their own house too! They are getting raped anywhere, anyplace, anytime and in any manner. This is the real truth of India. India, which was once called as the land of Gods and Goddesses, is now a land of rapists and we preach lust.  Wherever we go, we just show lust. Be it for foreigners or for money and power. My feelings, my writing won’t help now. The fact is we have lost an innocent life and no one can get it back but I will work hard to make this society a better place to live. I don’t know when will I achieve it but yes, I will try my level best because I can’t live with it.

That’s me in the picture and I request everyone to shed at least one tear and pray for the innocent who is now lying in peace.

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35 thoughts on “VIRGINITIPHOBIA-The Death of Democracy

    • this is INDIA…! people who are on road protesting for her right now….will be seen in clubs and having a hardcore party on 31st eve…! only a few work behind the scenes…..but they are very less in numbers….and my country needs young blood…!

  1. This sounds a lot like the American underground. Many of our politicians here have made statements that women should lay down and accept the rape, or something like a woman can easily fight off her attacker if she really didn’t want it. It sad to watch the honor of men fall away and hear stories of young girls going through something so horrific, only to see society transform her from victim to tease. I shed tears for the girl in my heart. I fear i can no longer shed physical tears, as I dried myself out crying for my country, as well.

    • yeah this is the problem in the entire world…! men need to change their mentality…it is the only way…! i am left with no words to speak..! its something beyond the imagination of god himself..!

  2. Powerful words! I liked the picture with the Garden.
    Sadly this is true.This is the case in many countries.Right now ,in this moment Thousands of women are going through this in my homeland because of the war………

    I would like to know, what you think what happens after death?

      • You wrote that we can’t see them because they are ultraviolet.I would like to know what they feel, think or do?
        Thanks for you interest…….And a happy new year..:)

      • hmmm….what i feel is that they see us 24*7.they find out what we actually thought about them. if ever we cheated them they will come to know now. if the spirit is lingering then it will take revenge from you else the person will simply see and wait for you to come to him/her. on the other hand if you had good relations with them they will help you. in my opinion god uses them as his agents.

      • i have a deep theory on this and now that you have asked me, I will now write a post on it in a few days especially for you to know what i feel..!
        stay tuned..cheers..!
        thank you

      • Arguably. It is really complicated over here. There is a huge rash of ‘false rape’ allagations. So when I first read your story, I was thinking ‘oh god, a whole bunch of false rapes again’.

        It is REALLY bad. Girls will have sex, next day call it a rape.

      • It is in every country and the United Nations is to thanks for it with their global invasion of every country with the false: We are here to help. They have destroyed the male rep as well. The United Nations and all the New World Orders supporting them are currently getting more then a doctor. They are getting executed as terrorists by a World Power.

        The males doing this in public to the entire male population will end. The United Nations: China, Mongolia, England, and Spain the main drivers enslaving any they can and mostly men. They are being stopped. All their bogus :”We are there to help humanity.” Well the last any heard women are humans too. Men don’t exist without women and women don’t exist without men.

        Well The United Nations supporting the men in all populations being the dominant got it. They worked for it and got it. More men in jails, being executed, insane, homeless, disabled, public failures, and the list goes on…

        Politics, the man-Roman gig must end for the man more then the female. Communism and socialism are political parties. These solid demographics have to end to save the male rep as well. We females have to live with them.

        Failing to realize that human is human. Down them and you down humans.

  3. A man named Robert Pickton kidnapped and raped many Indigenous women who were being prostituted. Me and other know why the police were sitting on their asses while this monster murdered 49 women because they were Indigenous and also prostitutes. This happened in Canada and he was arrested and charged with six counts of first degree murder and is currently on trial for 20 other accounts of murder. He faces a life sentence but could be eligible for parole in 10 years. A named named Guy Turcotte murdered his two children in 2009 and is now not considered “criminally responsible” for killing his children.

    • Indigenous makes me laugh. Look up the definition. I am Indigenous USA, California, Los Angeles, Earth. Have any that isn’t? The perfect white and Asian races are making it embarrassing to be human. Executed as a terrorist is what should and may happen now. Why chance this insanity escaping again?

      • No I am saying the exact opposite. Women whether Indigenous or not should not be hurt, murdered. It always really upsets me when native, gender, race is mentioned. Murder is murder is murder.

  4. Like the last commentor said, It depends. I live near a city that has had problems in the past with sex rings, where women and young girls are kidnapped and forced into prostitution. There is a lot of apathy toward the situation, like no one cares anymore, we’ve become desensitized. I think a few years ago there was a story about a girl that was gang raped and people where there and no one helped her! I think she was at a school dance and was attacked, witnesses were there, no one came forward to help or anything. It was even video taped. Another story happened where a bus driver on a school bus took money from a couple of boys to pretend that he didn’t see them sexually assault a girl on the bus.

    People in my country pretend we’re better and more advanced than others, but we’re falling down because of our own ignorance. It’s pretty scary.

    • well that’s a horrifying fact you have revealed about your country..!but your story surely proves one thing to me…. its our culture which gives birth to a rapist out of a human…! no matter which part of the world we are in…the cause of being the rapist is the same…! the “don’t care attitude” of men on this is embarrassing..!

  5. Hello! Im a singaporean. I do feel for her. Even if im not an indian, i would still feel for her.Everyone one in this world should. Amazing post. Hope everyone could try to fight for her. Thanks for liking my post and following!(:

  6. You are right, we think nearly twice before going out alone after sunset 😦 I hope the girl rests in peace. Atleast now she is somewhere happy, away from the prying eyes of monsters in the form of men. This is something a friend of mine sent to all the girls in his contact list-
    “To all the women , I want to apologize to you.

    Because I don’t think you’ve heard it yet. And you need to.
    I apologize on behalf of all the men who stare, the men who strip women nude with their eyes inside lifts on a regular basis. I apologize for the men who justify such acts by pointing fingers at the clothes that women wear. I apologize for the police officer whose hungry eyes make you think twice about writing a complaint.

    But most of all, I apologize for the scarring trauma and pain my side of the sex has caused you.
    – From all the men”

  7. I can feel the deep pain and regret in your words. Although it may seem as though this is insufficient to bring about change. I want to encourage you to write and express your outrage. Awareness is created when there is someone with the courage to not look away, not be selfish and live without ever addressing social justice. Thank you for your courage and your voice. I am grateful that you are speaking up and I agree with you whole heartedly.
    Speak your truth and Live from your Core.

  8. Democracy experienced death by the GOP and always has. The vote. Democracy there one day and gone the next. However a blanket of communism and/or socialism is still a blanket political party the opens the door for war with the vote.

    Direct democracy that wouldn’t let the weak in again is coming. It is being fought and a good thing the executive level saved one for counter terrorism that keeps the bombs from flying against it. One that takes them all down. One that only plays to win all.

    Shame that democracy is being fought so hard by so many that die to keep it from coming in their own weak fear. They just can’t get big in money and power without that never-ending poll of tax money to steal form. The weak that don’t care about who suffers only that constant “Me only and first mode”.

  9. Thanks so much for your post. I am horrified and cut to the center of my heart every time I hear about violence against women. It is a hate crime to cut women and society to pieces. It is a crime committed for being a woman. And yes, Indigenous women are targeted more by men because they have less power in our society. It’s a simple truth that doesn’t have anything to do with compassion for one ethnicity over another. All violence is horrific. Many years ago I began researching goddesses and it is the only thing I can believe in anymore in order to stay sane. It’s like survival more than a religion. It has brought me back into community and has given me the strength to move on and not hate. These goddesses protect me. They are like mothers to me. How could I possibly call on a male gods and feel safe considering all things? I know that I need to take care of myself and not have so much heaviness in me. It is a daily practice, and it is not easy. My only hope, honestly, is when men like you stand up and speak from your heart and your truth…the most courageous thing a man can do today is speak out against violence. Always know this. Always know you are supported by women if men fail to be at your side courageously protecting life and love. Always know that you are loved by the mothers, daughters, sisters, and grandmothers of the world when you act from your heart. We need more of you out there. We need more warriors of heart. Please, do not stop your work and please, do not let love leave your heart, no matter how sad and angry you become. Keep the light in there, regardless of religion or beliefs. Do not worry about a God, this takes away from your effectiveness. Take care of yourself and those who are most vulnerable…that is as devoted as it gets.

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