Lessons of my life


Learn to respect the one who loves you rather than giving respect to the one you love.

Dream high but always be aware of your limitations.

Right thinking at the right time will help you reach your goal but right thinking at the wrong time brings only disaster.

Life is not a movie. Nothing is fictional here.

Achieving heights of success is useless if you don’t have your loved ones around you.

Be sincere towards your responsibility. Life takes its toll if you run from it.

Earn money to live a better life and not live life just to earn money.

Every person has one special thing which if he has can get through his life. For me it’s happiness.

Live for your loved ones and not just for your self.

Respect all the emotions. Only then you will realize the importance of each.


Murtaza Alamshah


Very Inspiring Blogger Award


When i started writing this blog, I never knew i would be appreciated to such an extent. I thank mkesling63 and Tom Fitzgerald for giving me this award. I thank them from the sweetest corner of my heart.

The rules for accepting the award are:

1. Display the award logo.

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3. State 7 things about yourself.

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15 nominations will made by me in few days as i am running out of time right now….:) kindly forgive me..:)


7  things about myself:

I can’t express myself in front of my male friends. I am compatible only with females.:)

I am rude at times and people (those who don’t know me) always find me arrogant.

I hate drinking but unfortunately all of my friends do.

I am a day dreamer.

I am a big show off. 🙂

My dream: I want to go to the moon and shout like crazy!

I am highly fickle minded yet stable.

Murtaza Alamshah

Colors of my life

My parents

They have given me everything I demanded. They never question me back on anything. For them, I am still a 5 yr old kid who still needs to be cuddled. Last month my Dad forcefully combed my hair because he was feeling nostalgic about the time when he used to comb my hair when I was a kid. For them I never grew up. I feel so cozy and so happy with them. My mom still weeps out badly at the airport when she comes to see me off.  So to pay a tribute to them I gifted them a certificate which entitles them to be the world’s greatest parents.

me n dad


I can’t name this person due to personal reasons but the importance of this person in my life cannot me expressed in words. Without whom my life couldn’t have been so wonderful. If my parents gave me the strengths, this person gave me the direction. If my parents inspired me, this person cheered me up when I was low.  God sent this person just for me and I am sure about it. All I ask God not to take his gift back from me ever in my life.

Mr. Mufaddal

Well, he is my fellow friend, my dearest and closest buddy. He has a very important place in my life.  I trust him. I can assure myself that even if no one’s with me he would be standing right next to me no matter what. He himself might be extremely crazy but what matters is that he considers me as his life.  I contribute towards his happiness more than anyone does and this thing makes me so much attached with him.

 I cannot sustain if anyone of these is missing from my life. They are the integrals of me now. I am a crazy harry potter fan so let me explain it that way. These three are my horcruxes. I have my parents, my life partner and my closest friend…what more anyone needs to call himself perfect?  I have no existence without them. The best memories of my life are associated with them and them only. I love them with all my heart.


Murtaza Alamshah

Interview with God


Mr.God, how do you feel about the current situation on earth?

Umm, it’s really bad. If you want my answer in one word then I say,I feel ashamed on myself. I created different people hoping everyone will live in harmony but it resulted in wars. I appeared on earth in different forms of religion hoping each religion will help the people to know the purpose of their lives but it resulted in riots. I created various topologies so that humans can feel the diversity of my creation but they created boundaries and fought horrifying battles to claim them.

So, how do you plan to resolve this?

Why should I? it’s them who have destroyed and brutally misused my creation so it’s their responsibility to repair it and restore it to it’s original.

 Taking into consideration the current scenario, do you think humans can ever achieve it? They don’t even seem to try!

No, it is not like that. They are trying. If there are 10 bad people out there than there are 20 good people to counter them. The only thing is that they lack courage but sooner or later they will realize this and will surely fight to destroy the evil from earth.

You said people need to fight. What does it exactly mean?

Haha….I am the creator of that world. They are my children no matter how much bad or good they are. By fight I mean making the evil realize that no one is afraid of him. A fight to remove his domination over good.

What is the biggest mistake you think you did with humans?

I gave them extraordinary brains. Brains, which made them superior from the rest. Brains, which led to the creation of powerful and dealy weapons. I did so expecting them to be smart enough to guard my nature and millions of other creatures living there but….

You gave them emotions. Right decision or a wrong one? I am asking this with reference to the crimes they do out of emotions.

Obviously it was a right decision. I gave them the brain to control emotions. There are billions of creatures other than humans on earth. Everybody is living peacefully except humans. If my decision was wrong then every race of creatures must have done such crimes but its only humans who do it. It is because till now they haven’t learned to control the emotions.

How do you feel when they misuse your name to do wrong?

It’s the after affects of giving a powerful brain. I feel bad when good and innocent people become victims of such things.

What is your prediction about all this?

Well, in my view the next 100years is the deciding period. Either they will learn and follow the original path or they will end up themselves by killing everyone around them. For me, it’s a wait and watch situation.

You said it’s a wait and watch situation for you but people on earth worship you and cry for your help. Won’t you listen to them?

I listen to every genuine request. But I have my own way to respond. I never directly give away what my follower wants. I always show him the path where to get it. Unfortunately humans are impatient and restless to understand me.

What do you think is most useless thing humans do?

Oh…I have a long list of it. 99% of their work is useless. They spend billions of their currencies to explore universe and research on other creatures but they hardly help the needy and the hungry. This is really a piece of laughter of me. They can’t understand languages between them but they think they are unfolding the secrets of my universe! I mean seriously? Hahaha….

At the end what message you would like to convey to your children out there?

I just want to tell them that my blessings are with them should they wish to see it and understand it.





The Versatile Blogger Award 2013

Thank you so much http://mkesling63.wordpress.com/ for considering me as a deserving candidate for this award.

Thank you so much.


 Rules are:

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My nominations are:
















7 Interesting things about myself:

I am extremely rational in my thinking.

Highly patient when sad and exactly the opposite when happy.

 Die hard fan of Prof. Snape (Harry Potter)

Once into conversation, I don’t leave it till it reaches it’s conclusion.

Very emotional from inside. (Only and only one person can feel me)

I have a habit for realizing very late.

I can read faces. (exceptions being Scorpions)

The Gargie Award

Thank you so much APOORVA MAHESHWARI for giving me this honor.

I hope I continue to inspire you and make you think with my writing.

Thank you so much once again.


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I nominate:


Recently, her blog has been my favorite. Hope you guys enjoy.

What happens after death?

Death will be a great relief. No more interviews.
Katharine Hepburn

Dancing-With-Lifelife_after_deathHello friends,

First of all I want to wish all of you a very warm and happy new year. May god be with you forever and you always smile forever. A new year always marks a new beginning in our lives and many of us take various resolutions. My resolution for this year is that I won’t fight with my loved ones on small and useless topics.  Today I am going to share my views on what happens after death. Well, it’s a complicated theory I follow but I will try to make it as simple as possible. In my view when someone is dead he first enters the 3rd dimension. It may be thought of as a gate where his activities (which he has done throughout his life) are reviewed. As we all believe that god has several servants so they are the ones who perform this task of evaluation. It looks very much similar to some paper work process followed in our world but yet it has a big difference. This process is not corrupt as the dead ones have nothing to offer as bribe. They might be the most powerful persons on earth while alive but now they are dead and all of their powers are left behind on earth. So now let me tell you what happens in this process. Once evaluated the person is put in either of the two categories namely “The Divine Soul” (getting direct entry to heaven) and “The Devil Spirit” (packed off to hell without any delay) each of which has its sub-categories.

Once decided about the major category, there are two separate departments for these categories.  Unlike on earth where the person living in democracy can challenge a lower court decision to the upper court, here he can’t challenge any decision and he is not appointed any lawyer. He just needs to sit and wait for his decision. Now first let me describe the case if the person is allotted heaven. He, along with his resume is send to the gate of heaven. Here senior officials take up another review to decide the sub category in which the person has to be placed. The three sub-categories are:



It is the class which accommodates people who have done good and bad deeds equally and are just above the red line to qualify for heaven. They need to live a life like that of a middle class person and need to work to earn their living. They are not allowed to go back to earth in any form.

2. Special

They are the ones who deserve heaven which many privileges. They are the ones who govern the        “ordinary” people and are allowed to go back on earth in “ultraviolet” form. They cannot help anyone     on earth but they can hear and see everything.

3.Heavenly Creatures

They are the real deserving candidates for this category. They enjoy all the privileges and have the right to go back to earth in any form they want but they can’t take their previous form back.They live like king and have to do no work at all.


Now let me revert back you all to the 2nd category which is hell. It too has been divided into three major sub-categories namely:

1.Unlucky souls

They are the ones who failed to clear the test for heaven by acute margin. They have the right to get transferred to the “ordinary” category of heaven provided they behave properly in hell and obey all the punishments and commands.

2.Devilish creatures

They are the ones who have done severe crimes to humanity and broke several laws of nature. They are punished everyday and face the most pathetic and miserable times.

3.Inglorious Bastards

This sub-category is filled with people who were wrongly placed in the human category. It’s the place of devils and the cruelest creatures one can ever imagine. The accused of such category feels death and pain every second and one can hear only horrifying noises around its premises.

This is how I imagine my 3rd world to be and I wish every human reading this to meet in heaven. I have not mentioned the privileges and the punishments as I think it is irrelevant to think on that as of now. We all know privileges are amazingly awesome and punishments are terribly painful. Don’t we?

God bless

Murtaza alamshah