Liebster Blog Award

HappinessThank you so much Toniyvonne for nominating my blog for this award. This is the most encouraging way to start a new year. Once again thank you so much.

The Rules:

1] Link back to the person who nominated you. Toniyvonne

2] Post the award


3] Nominate five blogs

The nominees (In no particular order)

4] Answer these questions

1) What is your favorite word in the English language?

— Apology (It’s the simplest way to get yourself free from a crime)

2) What are you listening to as you write the answer to this question?

—My heartbeats as I am excited about my first nomination ever.

3) What is the last thing you ate that you really, really enjoyed?

— Hot Chocolate Fudge (I hate chocolate but you get the most delicious taste out of it if you are sharing it with your partner eating from her hands)

4) You’re at a job interview, and the interviewer asks you to make him laugh. What do you do or say?

— Sir, I met your wife yesterday. She assured me that if you don’t hire me she is going to take good care of you tonight. Beware!

5) The world is about to blow up, but you’re being saved, and are allowed to take five things to another planet (Aside from the clothes that you are currently wearing) where you and only 999 other people will now exist (Ignore the bleakness of this question). What do you take?

1. Photographs of my loved ones 

2.My dad’ s shoes (to get the strength to stand up to face any difficulty)

3.My mom’s perfume so that I always smell her around me.

4.My favorite blanket so that I always sleep with the one I love.

5.I keep this reserve for anyone else who has something extra to take.

6) What’s your favorite drink to consume first thing in the morning?

— I keep it simple. I drink a glass of water.

7) What was the last book that made you cry?

 I am not into reading books. They don’t make me cry, they make me sleep.

8) What’s the most ridiculous or silliest way you’ve been injured?

 Running into a crystal clear glass door of a bakery shop when i saw strawberry cake…it was painful for me  but extremely hilarious for others to watch… 

9) What’s your favorite city in the world? Why?

—My hometown. Its the city of lakes, Venice of east, Paradise on earth,it’s Udaipur!

10) What’s the most embarrassing album in your music collection (Be honest)?

— “maine payal he chankaayi” sung by “phalguni pathak”. 

11) To borrow an old line from a Crowded House song, would you rather a mansion in the slums or a caravan in the hills (i.e. a nice house in a not nice area, or a tiny living space but with views)?

– A caravan in the hills would be lonely for me and I hate loneliness so I would opt for a mansion in the slums and try to make that area a better place to live. 

Murtaza Alamshah


8 thoughts on “Liebster Blog Award

  1. You are a very handsome man. You are about to be called to see what you are really about behind those good looks.

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