What happens after death?

Death will be a great relief. No more interviews.
Katharine Hepburn

Dancing-With-Lifelife_after_deathHello friends,

First of all I want to wish all of you a very warm and happy new year. May god be with you forever and you always smile forever. A new year always marks a new beginning in our lives and many of us take various resolutions. My resolution for this year is that I won’t fight with my loved ones on small and useless topics.  Today I am going to share my views on what happens after death. Well, it’s a complicated theory I follow but I will try to make it as simple as possible. In my view when someone is dead he first enters the 3rd dimension. It may be thought of as a gate where his activities (which he has done throughout his life) are reviewed. As we all believe that god has several servants so they are the ones who perform this task of evaluation. It looks very much similar to some paper work process followed in our world but yet it has a big difference. This process is not corrupt as the dead ones have nothing to offer as bribe. They might be the most powerful persons on earth while alive but now they are dead and all of their powers are left behind on earth. So now let me tell you what happens in this process. Once evaluated the person is put in either of the two categories namely “The Divine Soul” (getting direct entry to heaven) and “The Devil Spirit” (packed off to hell without any delay) each of which has its sub-categories.

Once decided about the major category, there are two separate departments for these categories.  Unlike on earth where the person living in democracy can challenge a lower court decision to the upper court, here he can’t challenge any decision and he is not appointed any lawyer. He just needs to sit and wait for his decision. Now first let me describe the case if the person is allotted heaven. He, along with his resume is send to the gate of heaven. Here senior officials take up another review to decide the sub category in which the person has to be placed. The three sub-categories are:



It is the class which accommodates people who have done good and bad deeds equally and are just above the red line to qualify for heaven. They need to live a life like that of a middle class person and need to work to earn their living. They are not allowed to go back to earth in any form.

2. Special

They are the ones who deserve heaven which many privileges. They are the ones who govern the        “ordinary” people and are allowed to go back on earth in “ultraviolet” form. They cannot help anyone     on earth but they can hear and see everything.

3.Heavenly Creatures

They are the real deserving candidates for this category. They enjoy all the privileges and have the right to go back to earth in any form they want but they can’t take their previous form back.They live like king and have to do no work at all.


Now let me revert back you all to the 2nd category which is hell. It too has been divided into three major sub-categories namely:

1.Unlucky souls

They are the ones who failed to clear the test for heaven by acute margin. They have the right to get transferred to the “ordinary” category of heaven provided they behave properly in hell and obey all the punishments and commands.

2.Devilish creatures

They are the ones who have done severe crimes to humanity and broke several laws of nature. They are punished everyday and face the most pathetic and miserable times.

3.Inglorious Bastards

This sub-category is filled with people who were wrongly placed in the human category. It’s the place of devils and the cruelest creatures one can ever imagine. The accused of such category feels death and pain every second and one can hear only horrifying noises around its premises.

This is how I imagine my 3rd world to be and I wish every human reading this to meet in heaven. I have not mentioned the privileges and the punishments as I think it is irrelevant to think on that as of now. We all know privileges are amazingly awesome and punishments are terribly painful. Don’t we?

God bless

Murtaza alamshah


23 thoughts on “What happens after death?

  1. This is a very enjoyable, profound and beautifully worded story.

    What is the first world or dimension? I presume the second one is the one I am sitting in.

      • I have a very different view of the world. I’m trying to understand, but it is difficult. If the first world was the source of the natural laws that we rely on daily, then certainly those laws are unthinking as we can measure experimentally in our world. But in the third world you say there is a conscious interaction where all people are judged. Something, then, has changed the character of God as he grew up with us in the second world. How does something like this happen?

        This only makes sense if you assume that God is like us, someone who found himself alive and in a strange position in the universe and is trying to make the best of it. If God really exists outside of people’s heads, I personally suspect he’d be like that.

      • God in which we believe or follow…..is a human…!
        jesus, prophet mohammad, ram etc etc. all are humans.
        they themselves follow an invisible power who is the real god. he is beyond our imagination and he has made contacts with few people of our world namely jesus, prophet mohammad etc.

      • So you say the prophets are the way that the God, who cannot appear in our reality as a person, can communicate with us, and by necessity they talk of a human-like God.

        I have always felt that finding truth about the world was not something restricted to only a few people, and that anyone could figure things out and should be listened to when they talk about it. This idea seems at odds with yours, where only a few people become prophets.

        I remember reading the famous story of Mohammad’s visions on the mountain, and was struck by how he didn’t believe it at first and was indeed terrified that he was losing his mind. He was in many ways a sensible, wise and skeptical person.

      • that is your perspective! i am nobody to question. what you say is truly correct on your part but i know you need a answer from me so let me tell you.

        yes, everyone has the right to find out the hidden secrets of universe but only a few succeed in reality. who created humans? its god himself! so he chooses the one who can promote his views to the rest of the world. not every human can be a leader though everyone can nominate. also follow my comment in response to mksling63’s views.

        let me know what you think

  2. Classing humans is a crime. Why are you classing in your religious theory? I am non denominational and find all religion good to certain points but they must appeal to my logic. If this is true and I come back in spirit, the way humans tend to treat each other in comparison to their pets, human wouldn’t be the choice.

    So there is Heaven and hell. Then there are classes there too. Do we have a choice in what Eco system we come back in? I am very serious in this question. Being a believer that with the way I have always chosen to live my life, I don’t have any worries about the here after in whatever form it takes.

    • i was pretty sure you would raise that question..! firstly i am not classifying any human rather i am classifying his crimes and goods. Secondly “religion” specifically has no definition and it purely depends on one’s own perspective. its like water which takes the shape of the tumbler you put in.

      The fact: one must know from inside what is good and what is bad. he must be kind at heart and must be a good human being and serve his society. this is above all! even above religion! no religion teaches us to differentiate, it only our perspective which makes us think like that. my aim was to make people fear of hell and show them the benefits of heaven, in other words the consequences for doing good and bad things.

      Religion can never be logical. This is what i believe

      • How does one get forgiveness in your religion? Religion to me is pure faith. Whether it is logical or not I believe depends on how it affects your life. If your life is logical, good, then religion is the same.
        Religion for me is just there, it’s me. So if I forgive myself and make solid steps to avoid the evil, then I am forgiven. I really can’t say I am one religion or another.

        As long has it doesn’t harm another’s choices then I see it as good. Harm another’s choice’s and it’s evil. Simple term: Take the other person’s yes and no’s their way.

      • “So if I forgive myself and make solid steps to avoid the evil, then I am forgiven. ”

        this is exactly i am saying. its our perspective! we must know from inside. if we know that we are wrong but still do it then we are culprits.

        step #1
        you do a crime.

        step #2

        you realize that you have done something wrong.

        now step #3 is based on perspective. some go to church to confess, some read Namaaz and ask god for forgiveness. the real thing is self realization. that is it!

        “Religion for me is just there, it’s me.”
        i completely agree with this but there are people who are not so smart. they need guidance and that is where the role of religion comes. it shows the path and makes one remember his principles and duties.



        one someone realizes the real truth and his duties he doesnt require to follow any religion.

      • I think that is great. However we all have the problem of what to do with people that keep re-offending then all they have to do is ask for forgiveness. That is where religion provides a cop out and not a way of life. When the re-offense happens again and again, then you don’t have the religious any more you have criminals.

        Then it is governments turn. SO what do you feel about this people? I feel they should be executed as terrorists since I don’t believe that jail is rehab. Shutting a human being away in a jail just isn’t working.

        I think when government stops failing , then religion can be strong again. Religious is being used as a cop out and that really pisses me off.

      • some crimes are situational like murder. a murder in self denfense is not crime but killing someone for own greed is a crime and in my views unforgivable crime! now punishment and rewards is controlled by FATE which directly obeys the invincible power of God.

        god gives you the right to choose your fate. if you choose the wrong path you face similar results. sometimes self forgiveness is not enough. you can’t be forgiven after realizing that you killed 100 men. women and child. their is limit to everything.

        our fate is like a mirror. it reflects back our actions. late or soon but it does.

      • you area very patient. Murder 100 people? I say they are terrorist to be executed after 2. One get rehab 2 you are done.

      • I hate this about all justice systems. How do you defend murder in a court proceeding for months. It was justifiable homicide or it wasn’t. The government is in every electronic communication we have. SO if they don’t have the evidence, which by the way a judge not a jury has the right to throw out, what is the problem? It is very obvious.

        They get off and become slaves of corruption. Their pyscys destroyed.

      • 🙂 well read my first post…”Should i call them Lawyers or Liars”
        i think exactly the same…:)
        sorry for a late reply….was in sri lanka for short vacation..:)

      • Vacation. I envy that. Mine is coming in a few weeks. Hope you had a great time. Sent you a nomination if you are interested.

        AS far as lawyers and liars, well the standard dictionary is just cheaper. Fire them all. LOL

      • Hope it ended. A career arguing with logic to defend the insane, takes a lot of self disciplined to overcome that. Argue with logic constantly and become illogical.

  3. On a personal positiveness, I like and always try to get rid of petty in my life too. Too much in life to constantly relive petty.

  4. This was an interesting conversation. I don’t trust my feelings when it comes to morality for a number of reasons, so it’s very important for me to be able to classify everything logically if only as a check to my own emotions, which can be aberrant and difficult to control.

    I suspect that Empathy is the fount of any system of morality; act with empathy for people around you and for the world and you are doing no wrong. I also think you can derive this principal from nothing more than the knowledge of your own existence in a universe. I’ve written a bit about it under the Morality tag.

    cheers m’dears.

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