Heart v/s Brain


The brain does the thinking, but the heart knows more about love than the mind can ever comprehend


Heart (cheerfully):  Hey BIG B! How are you? It’s been quite a time we haven’t spoken with each other.

Brain (feeling little uncomfortable): Yeah dude! I am very busy these days with my stuff. Sorry about that.

Heart: Oh I see! Yeah, I have been hearing a lot about your activities. As your good friend, let me suggest you something. You aren’t taking right decisions buddy. You need my help.

Brain (getting annoyed): Dude, I am much smarter as well as far more efficient than you and this is clearly evident from the fact that our boss has chosen me as his chief advisor and decision maker keeping you aside.

Heart (smiling): Yes, I know that very well. I do not doubt your abilities to take decisions my friend. You are the smartest of all. Only a fool would question that but try to understand that my advice in decision making is of equal importance because I equally control the emotions just as you do. It is extremely necessary for both of us to work together and come to a mutual win-win situation.

Brain: Oh come on! You need a break! Your decisions are always weak and everyone knows that! Your decisions have resulted in pain and sorrow most of the times.

 heart vs brain

Heart: Yes, that’s true but I have made several other decisions also which has treasured humans with all the happiness he has today. Haven’t I?

Brian (losing patience now): Yes, so what? I don’t care about that! Today’s world needs just me. Your services are no longer required.  What you cherish is of no more importance now. You speak the language of love and only love which is losing its value day by day. I provide humans with everything he needs to be the king of the world today.

Heart (sadly): I agree with you that people are losing my importance and this is most unfortunate. They will soon realize my importance but by that time it would be too late.

Brain (laughing loudly): They will never call you because you are a looser and they know that. They need a real champion which is me.

Heart: It’s your moment right now but soon it will be mine. I have no doubt about this. The only thing I am afraid of is the loss humans would have faced by the time they realize my importance.

Brain (showing his entire ego): Go away before I destroy you!

Heart moves on silently without uttering another word.


Realizing this, the brain boasts his supremacy over the heart. Now I want each and every one of you to close your eyes and talk to your heart and brain. Judge yourself to whom do you give more importance. I personally believe that without heart it’s all useless so I would never exclude it from any decision making process. What do you think?

 Murtaza Alamshah