Beautiful Blogger Award!


Well Thank you so much  AMWANA for presenting me this award. I am very grateful to you and I am very happy hear to hear that you love my blog so much.

SO! the rules:

Okay, THE RULES for what u gotta do if you get tagged:

1. Display the Award Certificate on your website.

2. Announce your win with a post and link to whoever presented your award.

3. Present fifteen awards to deserving bloggers

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5. Post seven interesting things about yourself

Kindly forgive me but right now i am in a big hurry to nominate anyone!! i will do it as soon as i get time.

as far as 7 interesting things are considered please go and read my latest post “The Crazy Coefficient”. You will get to know a lot more about me…:)


God Bless

Murtaza Alamshah


The Crazy Coefficient


The Crazy Coefficient One person’s craziness is another person’s reality

by Tim Burton

Hello my dear friends. It’s been a very long time I have not logged into my wordpress account due to my busy schedule but finally I got my peace of mind to come to this place which helped me get my identity back…! Today I am in a very naughty mood. I feel like dancing in the middle of the road and shout like crazy….! Today I want to share some of my wildest fantasies with all of my friends here…I know we all have some level of craziness inside us but we often keep it suppressed because we have a fear of being mocked…! May be I am wrong but I do feel this many a times but not today…Today is the day for me to go crazy…! Yeah..!!! woooahhhh…!!!! Ooooolalalalala…!!!

I would be extremely happy if I get a company here…on wordpress…!! Anyone out there feeling crazy just like me?? Come on….show up..!!! ahhh….how stupid of me…! Till I won’t post how will you guys come to know about it..:D If you are thinking about the reason behind this craziness then I suggest you to stop wasting time. Instead go crazy while reading….! Anyone heard of Maria Sharapova??? Yeah the Tennis Queen….!! You know what..I dance with her right in front of the Eiffel Tower every night in my dreams…! Wow..! She is hot….!! She has this candy brand on her name called “Sugarpova”. Unfortunately those candies aren’t available in India so I am planning to ask my brother in London to get me 2 packets of it…flirty and chick..!! 😀 those are the 2 flavors…!!! :D:D that itself make me go crazy…! Then there is Emma Watson…! Another angel…!! Uff…!! Wish I was Harry…!! I mean who in the world chooses Jenny when u have Hermoine…!!! Crazy fellow..! isn’t??crazy_monkey

Hold on its not over..Anybody want to go on a date with me on moon? Yeah the moon…!!!!! The one which you see at night…revolving around the earth…don’t worry it not that far..And off course safety  is assured.  No one??? 😦 Sad…!!! Never mind…I’ll go by myself..all alone because that’s my dream…!!! Ok now let’s get back to earth. Ever tried taking random buses around the city??? Well mark my words if  you have that crazy factor in you…you will surely enjoy this…!! 😀 Ever tried sending all classic funny songs to your friends on whatsapp???? That’s one more crazy idea to irritate them…! 😀 I love it…! I tell you one deep thing…when you are high and crazy…you will realize that the people around you are so boring… and that’s what makes the difference…!!! My day doesn’t get over till I don’t do any stupid act…! Ohh my god…! If somebody is still looking at the grammatical errors in this post then I must say…dude u need help…..:D go get some sleep! Perfumes…!!!!! Ohh my god…they affect me more than anything…! Secret sharing time…!!! I would even follow a male if has he got a sexy perfume smell…!!! :p I am found of eating…! Love to eat everything except the veg menu…! I don’t know how people eat grass and leaves…!! 😀 mmmmm what next…!!! Yeah…I have this problem of forgetting names…! Call it short term memory loss or anything…but this thing has got me into trouble many a times….:D many a times the person in front of me doesn’t even realize that I don’t who is he/she…! 😀  I have this friend named Abhilasha Nanda…!!! I confess I have never teased anyone much as I have teased her…! Poor fellow…! Ohh yes anyone want to go to Bermuda triangle with me??? What the hell is so mysterious with that place…!!! Let’s go and find out…! Anyone??? Nobody brave enough???? Huh…!!! Loosers…!!!:D Ohhh I again forgot….you guys are still to read this post…! Add a trip to pyramid of Giza also…!! That’s also one mysterious place right?? Let’s have some fun…!! What m I forgetting now…!!!




Songs…!!!! How can I forget them…!!! It’s these songs that drive me crazy…though not in this case particularly but in general…!!!  A song can make me sad or happy any moment…! If you all thought that I am a very simple and mature guy you got it right…But if you think m sincere….then that thought is limited to only mothers of sexy girls..! I think I must end it here for now…!!! It’s dangerous to be extra crazy…..!!! 😀

Just remember guys….never kill the crazy guy inside you…!! Always keep it active and functional..!!! You will never feel lonely or upset…! You will find yourself back if have this Crazy Coefficient in you..!


God bless

Your Crazy Friend