What it means to be a failure in India!

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I am happy to be a Second Grade

Murtaza Alamshah


Path to Success

Path To SuccessStep #1

Understand yourself completely

 Don’t try to be in a world of fantasy. Be true to yourself. If you are a day dreamer then your dreams will remain just a dream. It will never take the shape of reality. I don’t say dreaming is bad. In fact it’s our dreams that give us the vision and the moral boost to do something but over dreaming and making the virtual world your reality is terribly bad.


Step #2

Know your potential

Everyone can’t run as fast as Bolt and everyone also can’t be Bill Gates but if you realize your potential you can attain similar height of success. For example you know you can’t handle pressure. Now this is something which you can’t change easily. There is nothing impossible to achieve but sometimes adjusting with what we have is far better option than to try making it perfect.  Simply realize all your weakness and strengths.

Step #3

Sense the feeling of satisfaction and determination

After analyzing yourself so deep, if you don’t get the feeling of satisfaction then probably you are not confident on what you have thought about. I advise you to take rest and make a fresh start again. Too much of thinking can really leave you in a confused state hence it’s good to re-evaluate your thoughts and conclusions rather than hurrying up.


Step #4

Make a concrete long term plan (Generalized)

Once you are done with finding your weaknesses and powers, now it’s time to make a long term plan. This involves real thinking and its here where your potential is tested, so it’s really important to make wise and planned decisions. Involve every weakness and strength in it and make a plan which you believe would be most sound and solid. Never forget to draw alternatives. Life is unpredictable! Define a starting point and the end point of the plan within a calculated period of time.

Step #5

Make a concrete long term plan (Detailed)

Now when you are aware of the overall structure of your plan, it’s time to point out minute details and establish milestones to achieve the end point step by step. This will help you always remain focused on some specific part of your plan. For example if your end point is to be an international singer then one of the milestone could be winning some reputed national contest. So at that time your concentration will be entirely on that national contest which off course is a sub part of your ultimate goal. This approach provides a much easier and much controlled way to reach the goal.

Step #6

Keep the level of determination and confidence in you

This is the final and the most important step. Once you are set with your goal plan you have to be through with it. There will be ups and downs.  You cannot avoid them but what matters is that you never back down and keep moving towards achieving your goal. If you maintain the level of tolerance, patience and determination you will soon taste the success.


God Bless

Murtaza Alamshah


Where heaven and hell lie?

Heaven or Hell?God is singular but religions have given him a plural form

-Murtaza Alamshah

Almost everyone in this world is afraid of death. People who are not afraid of death are at least afraid of the way it will come to them. This fear lies in everybody’s mind and unfortunately there is no solution to it. Nobody knows in what form death will appear in front of him and how painful it will be. But where do we go after we die? I could never understand this. I could never understand what happens to our soul? Don’t expect me to go and take advice of a priest or a saint. Those people know nothing. They just manipulate the holy words of the holy books and cover the eyes of people with fear and hatred for one another. I went on thinking about it and sometimes went so deep that I couldn’t see a glimpse of light in there.

Every person has his own conclusion on this issue so do I. I think I may have found the answer to the question where exactly heaven and hell lie. It lies right here, our very own Mother Earth. There are no religions. That’s the most basic fact I have taken into account while reaching to this solution. There is just one God and that’s our NATURE. Nature is God because it has created us. Everything on this planet is done by the nature’s will. When a person dies, his soul remains alive and takes rebirth into another form on earth instantly. The form could be anything from a non living object to a child of a human. That depends on our deeds and practices that we do while we are alive. It’s the nature which takes the toll from us. God exists! Yes he does, but only and only in the form of nature. If we do good things while we live, nature will present us gift in form of rebirth with more quality life and if we do bad, nature will punish us in the same way. This cycle continues and it is never ending. One has to die some day. The terms “HEAVEN” and “HELL” are just religious terms. Nature created humans and humans created religions so the scope of these two words lies within us. Nature has nothing to do with it.  Rules of nature are very much same as the rules described in every religion but we perceive them quite differently.  We have divided ourselves on the basis of religion and at the same time we divided our “IDEOLOGY” also. Nature takes no such words into consideration and doesn’t care  from which religion we belong to. What it actually takes into consideration is how much good and bad work we have done while we were alive.

Helping and serving humanity is the best work one could do while he is alive and that’s what is evaluated by nature. People might never understand such a simple thing their entire life but they will surely do once they die.  Helping each other and living peacefully is what demanded by nature and if we truly believe in God we must act upon His wish straight away else we must be prepared to take our trial in the court of nature where no mercy is given.

I wish nature always blesses you with love and prosperity

Murtaza Alamshah

The Sunshine Award


Thank you so much TUTTACRONACA for giving me this award. i am very sorry i am accepting it so late. Please forgive me. i humbly accept your gesture. 

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The Invisible Soul


Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.

– H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Do you miss your loved ones who are now resting in peace in the arms of God? Well I do miss someone many a times. I was very young when he passed away. I don’t remember any memories associated with him but I really feel that he is somewhere around me and watching over me every day.  I miss him because my mom always tells me that he was the one who loved me the most. It was him with whom I used to enjoy all the time. I feel so low that I don’t remember any of those moments. For people he is dead now, but I have always kept him alive inside my heart. I can feel his presence. You know where? Right within me..! My family members say that I have many similarities with him. It makes me feel happy. Every person has got a place to hide when he feels low; I hide inside my own heart because that’s where I find this man. I talk to him and he tells me what I should do next. Now does that mean my heart is heaven? Well, I don’t think so. May be he visits my heart on a consultancy basis whenever I need him.  I don’t even remember his voice. All I have seen is his pictures. This is something that really makes me sad. I want to hear him but he is dumb for me! He only gives me hints. You know how I connect to him? I just close my eyes and imagine a white room with a large door. I constantly keep looking at it and it opens within few moments and I see him coming. May be that’s the door to heaven but I am not allowed to go there. I just sit at one place. He comes, he smiles and I sense his gesture. I feel so relaxed. I forget everything and my mind starts getting solutions to the problems. I think he injects them with his gesture. Whatever the way is, the fact is my mind really starts working and somehow reaches the solution. If I am sad he makes me visualize all the jolly memories. When I am angry he throws his signature awesomely saint like smile on me and I instantly get lost in that. He can deal with any emotions I display to him.

It’s not that he only comes when I call him. He always monitors me from wherever he is. I asked him many times where he resides but he just keeps smiling. He warns me whenever I am about do anything wrong. I am saying this because I see his face in front of me at such times. He tells me not to push myself into that particular matter. It sounds fictional but for me it’s the real truth of my life. Initially I used to think I have hallucinations but now I realize it’s my deep love and desire for him which drives me towards him. For once I also thought it’s the God who is helping me always. Being a Muslim I am bound to read NAMAAZ 5 times a day without fail. I don’t even read it once so this makes me realize that God is not at all happy with me. It can’t be Him. Then I thought it could be my parents but they are alive so that option is also ruled out. I never realized that there could be someone else too who can love me and help me out. It’s just today that I have realized this! It’s my GRANDFATHER! He is inside me. It’s he who helps me out and saves me. It’s not the long luck line on my palm but his love! He has taught me important lessons of life.  I might have never heard his voice, I may not remember any moment spent with him but I know one thing that he has a temporary home within my heart.

Today I miss my Grandpa very much and he is not with me. It’s the rule of nature. I can’t break it but what matters here is that I never left him from me. He is all attached to me. Why am I sharing with you all this? I want you people to understand a few things.

1. Doctors declare a person dead when they their patient has stop breathing. People declare someone dead when they hear or go the funeral of that person but we (as individual) can always keep alive inside us. They are dead for us only when we forget them and kick them out of our heart.

2. Our heart and mind are two very confused and complicated organs.  Everything is inside us but we have to find them inside us. If people say you are dumb that doesn’t mean you are actually dumb. It means you are still unable to find the things hidden inside you. My Grandpa never gave me ideas he just showed me the path where to find them inside me. It is collaborative effort of mind and heart which leads to perfect solution.

God Bless

Murtaza Alamshah