Where heaven and hell lie?

Heaven or Hell?God is singular but religions have given him a plural form

-Murtaza Alamshah

Almost everyone in this world is afraid of death. People who are not afraid of death are at least afraid of the way it will come to them. This fear lies in everybody’s mind and unfortunately there is no solution to it. Nobody knows in what form death will appear in front of him and how painful it will be. But where do we go after we die? I could never understand this. I could never understand what happens to our soul? Don’t expect me to go and take advice of a priest or a saint. Those people know nothing. They just manipulate the holy words of the holy books and cover the eyes of people with fear and hatred for one another. I went on thinking about it and sometimes went so deep that I couldn’t see a glimpse of light in there.

Every person has his own conclusion on this issue so do I. I think I may have found the answer to the question where exactly heaven and hell lie. It lies right here, our very own Mother Earth. There are no religions. That’s the most basic fact I have taken into account while reaching to this solution. There is just one God and that’s our NATURE. Nature is God because it has created us. Everything on this planet is done by the nature’s will. When a person dies, his soul remains alive and takes rebirth into another form on earth instantly. The form could be anything from a non living object to a child of a human. That depends on our deeds and practices that we do while we are alive. It’s the nature which takes the toll from us. God exists! Yes he does, but only and only in the form of nature. If we do good things while we live, nature will present us gift in form of rebirth with more quality life and if we do bad, nature will punish us in the same way. This cycle continues and it is never ending. One has to die some day. The terms “HEAVEN” and “HELL” are just religious terms. Nature created humans and humans created religions so the scope of these two words lies within us. Nature has nothing to do with it.  Rules of nature are very much same as the rules described in every religion but we perceive them quite differently.  We have divided ourselves on the basis of religion and at the same time we divided our “IDEOLOGY” also. Nature takes no such words into consideration and doesn’t care  from which religion we belong to. What it actually takes into consideration is how much good and bad work we have done while we were alive.

Helping and serving humanity is the best work one could do while he is alive and that’s what is evaluated by nature. People might never understand such a simple thing their entire life but they will surely do once they die.  Helping each other and living peacefully is what demanded by nature and if we truly believe in God we must act upon His wish straight away else we must be prepared to take our trial in the court of nature where no mercy is given.

I wish nature always blesses you with love and prosperity

Murtaza Alamshah


8 thoughts on “Where heaven and hell lie?

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  2. I too ascribe to the idea of reincarnation by Nature, though my notion of it is a bit different.

    I don’t think Nature’s will is one that makes judgments, for that is the will of a “jealous God,” the kind described by the holy books. I don’t think Nature rewards us or punishes us in the following existence for the deeds of our current one; we punish and reward ourselves. The kinds of energy we embody in life will create currents and pathways by which our soul will travel after death. In this way, the future of our souls is inextricably linked to our behavior and our intentions in the present; we create our own afterlives with every breath and step.

    To help those of your own species is to love them, and by loving them you make your own energy more human. To hate and judge them is to separate yourself from them, and thus making your energy less human. I think it is in this way that the reincarnation path of our souls is determined.

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