“Kuch Kuch Moments”—With Abhilasha Nanda

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Hello dear friends,

I would like to share some of the most memorable moments of my college life with my dearest friend.I have carefully picked the most precious moments we both have spent together here as friends. She has been my strongest pillar of support here. Now she is an integral part of my life and I am lucky to have her company. I hope you guys enjoy being a part of it by going through this post.

A sudden hang out at CHITTOOR (a small town nearby my college)

This was one the craziest day of my life. We both planned to watch a Bollywood movie but after reaching the theatre we realized that the shows were only in “Tamil” language which was beyond our understanding. We had no clue what to do next. We were heading back to college in the auto and suddenly we saw the bus going bound for Chittoor.  We didn’t waste a single moment and got on that bus to experience the best day of our lives. AWESOME THRILL…: D

26th OCT 2012–My 21st birthday

We had a romantic time sharing our feelings with each other throughout the bus journey from Chennai to Vellore. She sang 2 beautiful songs for me and that was certainly the cutest birthday gift ever!!

Fun @Bangalore Water Park

Loads of dips in the pool and crazy adventurous rides..! I wonder if those water rides could have given me the same thrill if I was not with her..!!

Industrial Visit @Cochin

Wow..!!! That’s the only expression I can give when I remember about it…!! I wonder how many students of my batch still have the misconception that we both are committed!! : D

Our college canteen..!! Le café..!!

Oh boy..! This is our second home..!! : D  From Seafood Risotto to Hot Chocolate Fudge there is nothing left in the menu that we didn’t try at least for once.

Getting caught by Vice Chancellor in “awkward position”

Well, hold your horses my friends…!! : D It wasn’t anywhere near to your imagination 🙂 we both were walking with my hands over her shoulders and thats the “awkward” position for him!!! : D

Bunking classes with her

Let me share with you the excuses we offer our other friends when we bunk classes:

Lift was running full so we went to canteen instead of coming upstairs.

We have enough attendance for now.

Teacher is bloody boring. It’s better to sit in the A/C and eat some French fries.

 Didn’t have lunch so we went to canteen.

Teaching her JAVA

For those who are not aware of it, Java is a programming language used for developing computer applications. She has exclusively requested me to add this to the “kuch kuch” memories as she finds this very touching.

Well I have one word to you Abhilasha: A friend in need is a friend indeed..!!

The Library

For people it’s a place to study but for us it’s the place to see sexy boys and girls. : D

I will never forget those group of Chinese guys for which she is so crazy. Let me share a secret with you—Abhilasha loves Chinese guys wearing “sando”!! Just sando!!! : D not to mention our under the table pranks like touching her bare feet with my legs…: D

Showing raunchy videos on facebook and describing the scenes!!

I better not discuss about this in detail…: D

Posting random songs on her wall on facebook

This act of mine led to the blocking of the entire NANDA family to visit her wall..!! hahaha…!!

Signing her notebooks and writing naughty stuffs

Need some notes? Forget it!! Abhilasha won’t give you her copy….thanks to me..! I have messed up her every subject notebook into series of naughty comments everywhere….:p

Our FB poking ceremony

We are poking each other continuously on FB from  the  past 1 and a half years now…J we believe that the more we poke each other the more we come closer.:)

Romantic evening @Chennai Marina Beach

Who said you can share such moments only with your girlfriend? A true friend’s company is an equal delight!

Morning walks

Well we didn’t have much of this because my dear friend has a bad habit of waking up late in the morning…but yes I have a video of her doing yoga…!! Anybody want to learn?

Response from Abhilasha: Asshole!! You made me wait near the lake early in the morning that day..! if I hadn’t called you up, you would have been sleeping the whole day!! You are such a liar..!

Oops….my apologies..!! : D

Our college farewell

Clicked loads of photographs. Sharing the best with you..:) this picture has a very important significance as everyone thought that we both are committed. I tried my best to make people understand that we are best friends but failed..! so now I cheerfully accept that fact that she is my girlfriend if someone inquires about her to me..! : D

Loads of love

Murtaza Alamshah

Some more random pics