The Joy of Living

Joy Of Living

Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.

― Thich Nhat Hanh

Hello my dear friends. I know I have been missing for a while here but now I am back with my thoughts and ideologies. I want to thank all of you for being a part of this blog. It really means a lot to me when I read comments from the readers regarding how they were motivated from my writing. It gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction. I feel happy and that’s what makes the difference. Your support and constant positive feedback gives me new ideas to write about and express myself more deeply.  Once again I thank you all of you from the bottom of my heart.

Today, I was just sitting idle in my office and was wondering how difficult it’s going to be for me in the next few months because of the hectic office schedule. I had started to feel lonely somewhere within my heart and then suddenly I realized that all this hard work can’t go waste. I simply closed my eyes and sat for a while trying to figure out what was I doing. You know what guys; the only thing I was able to see was the smiling faces of my loved ones all proud of me. So it was then I realized that I was doing this not for me but for those people. Happiness on their faces is something priceless to me. I live not for myself but for them. It’s like my entire body is connected to all of them. Whatever they feel is what I feel in return. When they are happy I am happy and when they are upset I am upset too.  That’s the JOY OF LIVING.  Living for ourselves can give us success but satisfaction can be achieved only when we live for others.  People who behave mean in this world might reach great heights but the higher they go the faster they lose their loved ones behind. I am proud to say that I live for my family. Whatever I do, whatever step I take in my life is a reflection of what my family expects from me. I am devoted to them.  This feeling is something that encourages me to do things beyond my limits. I feel so boosted up when I breathe in the air which has nothing else but happiness all around. The sound of laughter during a family gathering is probably the best sound one can hear.

So that’s what I was thinking the entire day today and then thought of writing it down to share with you all. I hope my thoughts have made a little impact on your thinking process. Showing the light to those who are lost in the dark is the aim of my writing. Remember your loved ones when you are in trouble, you will find the solution on your own.

God Bless

Murtaza Alamshah


Colors of my life

My parents

They have given me everything I demanded. They never question me back on anything. For them, I am still a 5 yr old kid who still needs to be cuddled. Last month my Dad forcefully combed my hair because he was feeling nostalgic about the time when he used to comb my hair when I was a kid. For them I never grew up. I feel so cozy and so happy with them. My mom still weeps out badly at the airport when she comes to see me off.  So to pay a tribute to them I gifted them a certificate which entitles them to be the world’s greatest parents.

me n dad


I can’t name this person due to personal reasons but the importance of this person in my life cannot me expressed in words. Without whom my life couldn’t have been so wonderful. If my parents gave me the strengths, this person gave me the direction. If my parents inspired me, this person cheered me up when I was low.  God sent this person just for me and I am sure about it. All I ask God not to take his gift back from me ever in my life.

Mr. Mufaddal

Well, he is my fellow friend, my dearest and closest buddy. He has a very important place in my life.  I trust him. I can assure myself that even if no one’s with me he would be standing right next to me no matter what. He himself might be extremely crazy but what matters is that he considers me as his life.  I contribute towards his happiness more than anyone does and this thing makes me so much attached with him.

 I cannot sustain if anyone of these is missing from my life. They are the integrals of me now. I am a crazy harry potter fan so let me explain it that way. These three are my horcruxes. I have my parents, my life partner and my closest friend…what more anyone needs to call himself perfect?  I have no existence without them. The best memories of my life are associated with them and them only. I love them with all my heart.


Murtaza Alamshah

Tryst with Love

If you were thinking about someone while reading this, you’re definitely in Love.

True Love

Dear Love,

Today I write my first letter to express my gratitude towards you. Without you my life was dull and completely black. You have made my life a paradise with sparkling colors of happiness, humor and cheerfulness. My dear Love, your support has given me strength to rediscover myself. My heart was a barren land but you gently opened the door of my heart and converted that land into an orchard of fruits. Your presence can be easily felt in my heartbeats beating so fast. I just can’t imagine my life if you are not around. Your everlasting affection has nurtured my emotions and given me the satisfaction I always needed. You kicked out loneliness from my heart and made it your kingdom of joy. You simply rule my heart. I was completely shattered from inside but then you happened to me and everything changed. I pray to God everyday to make you stay in my life forever. Even after death I want to remain in your arms and feel you. I feel your presence everywhere I go and I simply cherish all the moments I have spent so far with you. You are the reason behind my every little success. I can’t resist you. I need you more and more. Each day you increase your intensity towards me and lure me with your beauty, I can’t explain how deeply I desire you. It’s something I can’t express on a piece of paper else it would catch fire! I feel so privileged to feel you and to hear you whispering in my ears. I have treasured you as my soul mate and I thank you for making my life a heaven.

Thanks for meeting in person to me.

Yours lovingly

Murtaza Alamshah

Made in Heaven

To love is to recieve a glimpse of heaven.

-By Karen Sunde


Hello friends,

First of all thank you so much for supporting me and admiring my work. You are the source of inspiration for me. I wish you all are in good health and happiness always welcomes you at your doorstep. It’s been 10 days since I have finished my engineering examinations and right now I am back home spending precious time with my loved ones. From the past ten days I am experiencing everlasting joy and happiness inside me. I thought it’s worth sharing my feelings with you because what I am feeling right now it’s no ordinary feeling. It’s the feeling of love, something which is most needed in today’s world and whose value is getting diminished each passing day.

Being with my family and my very close friends, I have realized one thing that I might not care about my life but I am one of the reasons for the broad smile glowing on their faces. This gives me pure pleasure and I feel so delighted. It gives me motivation to always keep them happy and never let them go. Sometimes I wonder what would have been my life without them. A rainbow without colors? Or a garden without flowers? Well, I don’t really know but what I know is that we all need someone in our life and for me it’s the bunch of these people who make me realize that we all share a single heart beating inside all of us. My parents begin my homecoming countdown almost a month before my scheduled date of arrival.  My friends desperately wait for me to arrive so that we all can party together. They keep calling me up and plan the dates accordingly. It’s their unconditional love that makes me what I am today. My mom doesn’t like to cook much but with me being at home she cooks every continental dish possible for me (yummy…I am fond of food). Being my parent’s only child I am always treated like a king. They all together encircle me with ecstasy. One feeling which is said to be very special is to love someone truly and another feeling which is equally special is being loved by someone deeply. I am lucky to feel both at the same time. Each and every person around me makes me realize their value in my life and how much I am worth for them. I always had this feeling of living for my loved ones rather than for myself and today I feel I have attained this goal. This positive energy has vibrated every string in me and I hear the music of satisfaction and extraordinary delectation. I see every face smiling around me. My attachment with them is inseparable. Some people believe that love weakens your ability. I feel exactly the opposite. My biggest strength is the love in get from these people. They say marriages are made in heaven, I say my life was made in heaven and god sent all the heavenly creatures for my protection.

At the end I would like to make a kind request to all of you reading this post. Love is not a physical thing which you can see with your eyes or you can keep in your showcase. It can only be felt with deep emotions. Like an atom bounds the nucleus, love bounds you with happiness. Don’t let it ever die within you and this is one thing which gets multiplied the times you share so share as much as possible as this world needs it badly.

Thank you

Love and regards

Murtaza Alamshah

Yes, You Can

Experience is the child of thought, and thought is the child of action.

-Benjamin Disraeli

Hello, Namaskar, Assllamwalekum,

It’s been quite a few days I didn’t post anything due to my exams but now I am back with my pen to grab your attention. I hope all of you are in great health and god showers upon you with everything you need. Recently the Indian subcontinent witnessed two major events. One being the execution of lashkar-e-tauba terrorist Ajmal Kasab (he needs no introduction) and the other big news which made headlines was the arresting of a girl in Mumbai on making ill comments against Shiva Sena founder Mr.Bal Thackeray. We all know what happened with the girl was a tight slap against the freedom of speech but still none of us raised our voice against this awful act. I believe what we lack is confidence and an inspiration to raise our voice, to succeed in life. Today I want to inspire each one of you so that you are always the first one to raise your voice against the bad and you always stand ahead of the others wherever you go.

The world has given birth to some of the exceptional leaders like Mahatma Gandhi who with his epic “SatyaGraha  Andolan” swiped away entire British army from India. Another person being Sir Albert Einstein who entirely changed the way we look into the world. One more name that comes into my mind is my favorite Roger Federer, the tennis superstar. All of them have contributed in different ways but they all have one thing in common, the zeal to prove the world. They have made history not because they were special but because they used their potential in the right way. It would be too lengthy to mention their contributions to the society (and moreover that’s not my objective) as they are endless but what matters here is that they were no more different than us. They sat on the same school bench, ate the same kind of food and lived the same way we r living. What separates them from the rest is their continuous dedication towards their goal and their “never back down” attitude. Gandhi ji was thrown out of the train as he was a black while his visit to South Arica. That’s when the fire was ignited inside him to free people from slavery. Albert Einstein used to demand explanation for everything around him. His father once showed him a pocket compass; Einstein realized that there must be something causing the needle to move, despite the apparent “empty space” and that’s where he went into proving the deepest secrets of the universe. After years of success and top ranking, there came a time when people started speculating that now it’s time for Roger Federer to retire. He worked hard constantly for 2 years to regain his most favorite title of Wimbledon this year and came back to no.1 in the rankings. They all are ordinary people but still they are special because of their courageous attitude.

All of them were initially mocked by people around them but they never cared because they knew they were right. God has blessed every one of us with some special quality. It’s only up to us to find our inner strength. This is the time where we give more attention to what others are saying about us rather than listening to our own heart. Remember one thing; people criticize about you only when they feel that you are doing something which is either absolutely wrong or perfectly correct. Dare to take a step ahead. Only then you will know the outcome of it. Don’t simply sit and predict the outcome and declare yourself a loser before even competing. If Albert Einstein had not searched for the answers to his questions we might have still been in 17th century. If Gandhi ji had not dared to fight back for his dignity and for his fellow countrymen India would still be under British rule. (Though learning about the recent scams I feel, even Gandhi ji would have preferred to be a slave of the British J ). The leader is inside us. All we need to do is to carve it out within ourselves.

Sit back and relax yourself. Close your eyes and try to analyze where your true potential lies. Make that as the goal of your life and start working on it till you don’t achieve it. Serve your society and always stay healthy. I hope you get inspired by my effort and you all become successful leader in own fields.

Your comments are valuable.

God bless

Murtaza Alamshah

If I were at Hogwarts

Hello everyone,

First of all I would like to thank you all for your continuous love and support to make this blog successful and encouraging me every time to draft a piece of my emotion on the paper. Today I would like to share my deepest fantasy with you. It’s getting admitted at the famous Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I saw the first Harry Potter movie when I was in my 5th standard and that’s when I asked my parents to change my school and get me into Hogwarts. Eleven years have gone but still today my desire for becoming a first grade wizard is as young and as fresh as a morning breeze. The work of J.K Rowling is incomparable and watching all that happening in front of your eyes sitting in a theatre is an absolute joy. Thanks to the ever growing technology. Unfortunately, the series has now come to an end and Tom Marvolo Riddle aka Lord Voldemort is dead but I believe there are plenty of other bad people out in this world whom we need to destroyJ. I don’t want to be a hero or a center of attraction. All I want is one bench to sit in the classes and take lectures from Prof. Snape, Prof. Dumbledore and many others. I think those classes would be far more exciting and knowledge giving than my current engineering classes where I just sleep and imagine my fantasy.

I have to walk at least a mile to reach college from my hostel. Looking for a cab in this college is the biggest sin as they charge me thinking I am hiring a limousine from the airport. I wonder if I had my own Nimbus 2001 so that I could fly wherever and whenever I wished. It simply feels so exiting to ride a broomstick and touching the sky high. Moreover with the help of the time-turner I could freely bunk any class I want without losing attendance.  Just roll the ball, go back in time and woah…!! Here you are in past again!  The world of magic is truly awesome isn’t? Though time-tuner is of great use, I don’t think I would be using it often solely with the purpose of bunking classes. Instead, I would use it the same way Hermione did! Wondering why? Well, just think why in the world I would bunk such adventurous classes where I am being taught to defend myself against the dark arts, to create powerful potions and to learn some astonishing spells. The art of potions is perhaps the most fascinating subject I have ever come across. You can make someone to fall in love with you with the help of a powerful love potion or you and create your own luck by the use of “felix felicis”. Just learn 10 questions for your exam and drink the “liquid luck” before entering into the examination hall. What you see in the question paper is just those 10 questions which you prepared! Enjoy the preparation time playing Quidditch rather than mugging up the course books (That’s something even Hermione never thought offJ). Yeah, I am smarter than herJ.Moreover, if I became too lazy to learn even those 10 questions, I would drink “Polyjuice” potion and transform myself into the professor and correct the answer sheet myself.

Another exciting thing I want to do is to produce the strongest “patronus”. I am pretty sure I would be successful to produce a corporeal form of it rather than a non-corporeal one but I am unaware (even in my fantasy) about the shape of the creature it will take. This frustrates me very much and when I am frustrated I think about the most frustrating people and they are the security guards of my college. My college certainly has too much of restrictions regarding the hostel in-time and outing time. Guess what, this college even has the “restricted sections” like the lake side and “Woodstock”-a beautiful garden with a tiny little pond at its one of the corners. With the help of an invisibility cloak I could move around anywhere without being caught. Simply use the Marauder’s map and be alert of every single guard around the campus. I know girls of my college would find this most usefulJ. I am ignoring the anti-spells which would be thrown on me by the guards if I get caught. Well, who cares? It’s my fantasy after all and I want it my way. I would use the “imperio” curse to take control of all the guards and ask them to take out their pants and run every where around the campus.

In the end I become sad as I know that this is will always remain just a mere fantasy. There is no such thing like magic. It will just remain in my head and I will never be able to ride a broomstick. I will have to attend my classes and I will have to tolerate those long and boring lectures. The fall from fantasy to reality is really very hurting but I make up my mind within few minutes and get back to my original lifestyle forgetting about any such fictitious place as Hogwarts though it will always stay in some corner of my mind.

Murtaza Alamshah

My Sweet-Bitter Childhood


I still remember that rainy day when I came home from school terribly upset and scared of my mom because i managed to score only 10 on 50 in my half-yearly mathematics examinations( Indian education system anyway sucks).For once I thought of giving the diary (on which my mathematics teacher wrote my marks and asked me to get it signed) to my friend but then I remembered the previous case when I did the similar thing to hide my quarterly marks and my mom asked me to go to my friend’s house and get back my diary..!! uuf….! It was so tiring..! I thought its best to say that I left my diary in the school.

 I was hoping not to be questioned about my marks but bless my luck, before I could keep that heavy piece of junk from my exhausted shoulders I was asked by my mom if there was any copy shown in the class. I tried my level best not to let her see my diary but she peeped into by bag and bang..!!!! From there on I remember nothing but just heavy military
grenades being bombarded on my soft cheeks. Well, this wasn’t the end of the endless drama. Normally after all this torture that my mom did to me, it used to be my turn to get mom some scoldings from my dad…:D But this day was a bit different. I ran hard to reach to the telephone and make a call to my dad but I suddenly realized that my feet were above the ground and I was flying. Oh no..!!! Its my mom who got me first, pulled me and locked me in my room for the entire evening. I was not allowed to go out and play with my friends that evening. Sitting alone in my room I was crying and suddenly I heard my mom talking to my dad in a very low tone regarding my marks. She was upset. I realized that she was more hurt than me throughout this drama. All she wants is to see me successful . But still I was angry because I wasn’t allowed to go out and play( that’s certainly me being kiddish :D). With all these  thoughts running in my mind I just fell asleep.

Suddenly, I heard the horn on my dad’s car and I started banging the door harshly (almost hurting my tiny little wrist) and asked my mom to let me come out. My mom opened the door and suddenly I had all the strengths to face her eye to eye. I came down running towards my dad (who was then taking his office bag out his car’s back seat) and started complaining about my mom. I repeatedly demanded my dad to slap my mom as she slapped me infinite times for such a tiny reason.  Suddenly I could sense the change in the tone of my mom and she was loving me with those generous hands which I felt like iron rods a few hours back..! She hugged me and kissed me. It felt great to me. After all mom is mom..!!  I
asked my dad to take me out for a ride as mom didn’t allow me to go out and play today. My dad cheerfully said OK and Me and my DADasked me to wipe out my tears and get ready.Then taking the advantage of the situation I added another tiny little request to my dad and asked him to buy me new stationary.:D  I thought when in the world I will get such an opportunity again, let’s make full use of it. But I realized that my feet were again above the ground and I was flying..!! Oh god not again..! This time its my dad..! I still remember very clearly, he said “ Anyways you got 10 marks and you have 10 demands popping up…how about I ask your mom to give you 10 more of those military grenades?” 😀  I didn’t utter a word and went quickly to the bathroom to get ready or else I will miss this ride too.

Today I miss those old sweet memories and I really wish I could go back in time, but then I realize how long will I ask my dad to take me for a ride? My mom used to scold me on every single thing now loves me the most in this world. Today I have to eat food in my hostel mess I miss those delicious dishes she used to prepare exclusively for me.Its only now I have realized that she is the one who  worries about me the most.  It’s not required to say that I love my mom and dad more than anyone in this world.I believe its time now that I become the guardian of my parents and fulfill there every wish as they have been doing without any hesitation and with utmost love.

Murtaza Alamshah