India-The Blind Nation



Each one prays to God according to his own light.
-Mahatma Gandhi

India, formerly known to the world as Bharat was once the land of rich culture and peace but now the second half has lost somewhere in the midst of personal benefits and high corruption. The land of varied diversity and culture has lost the flavor of unity and is now tearing apart from all the sides. The more we are developing, the more we are increasing the tension on the strings of beliefs which have been binding us from several centuries. The graph of “development” is strictly created with respect to the monetary matrices and nobody cares about the social factors that are hindering the progress several times faster than the rate of our so called economic development.  The leaders in this backward progress are namely self declared uneducated, greedy Gods aka “BABA” and our very own beloved publicly chosen politicians.  If we focus on these two sets of people we will understand that the one part is where we blindly believe to what they say and the next set is of the people whom we blindly vote.

The concept of God-man has now become a trend in the Indian culture. All you need to do is either predict some area where 1000 tons of gold is buried (Shobhan Sarkar) or just say declare yourself to be the sole bridge between eternity and life. (This list is long). We Indians are known to be desperate creatures in the west but only an Indian would know that a real Indian is most desperate to be follower of some random tea-selling person who claims himself to be God. We are not God loving people, we are God fearing people. But what is so special about these fake personalities? The truth is they have got just one main quality which is to hypnotize and charm people with their speech. This is more than enough to win the heart of a poor Indian who dreams of a better life every day and night. These babas just show us the dream we have in our sleep everyday and we get fascinated by them.  They not only play with the emotions and feelings of each and every man, woman and child but they also misuse their trust to further deteriorate the pillars of religious harmony. Moreover these babas have special affection for women. They sexually assault them in the name of “bhakti”. In fact, this can be declared as another trend going among almost all the babas.   They are a threat to civilized India. But who created this threat? Did it grow on its own? The answer to this is NO. It’s us, the blind citizens of this country who have allowed such morons to grow and expand under our spiritual gains and now we ourselves have become the victim of it.  We are so blind that most of us still cannot see the reality and continue to believe in such people. We come out in thousands to protect these people if someone tries to harm them. Our blind faith in them is weakening our entire nation and that day is no far when these people will be our new rulers.

Murtaza Alamshah


VIRGINITIPHOBIA-The Death of Democracy

sad guy sketchToday, after a violent battle with pain and trauma the Delhi gang rape victim finally lost her battle with life at the Singapore Hospital. It’s not just the death of a brutally tortured innocent girl but the death of democracy in India.  India, where its politicians suggest girls not to expose themselves and excite men to rape them rather than facing the challenge to tighten the security for its people. India, where the price of life and emotions is no more than a pile of garbage lying on the road. India, where criminals run like leopard and law procedures follow behind with the speed less than that of a tortoise. I am saddened and ashamed to be a man today. People around me always say I am emotionally very weak and somehow I always try to prove them wrong but today I am helpless. I am just so helpless…!!! I couldn’t do a thing for her while she was struggling for her life. I failed to give her justice while she was alive.

My society is filled with monsters. By monsters I really mean the cruelest and the most insane creatures no mind can ever imagine. There is race among these monsters to commit the most barbarous crimes.  I seriously wish we (humans) were asexual creatures. We don’t deserve to be a part of nature.  Even a dumb animal never ever does such acts. If human race is garden then men are the gardeners and women are its blushing flowers but some of those gardeners pluck them and crush them badly. We (men) have lost it completely. I get restless when I imagine about the pain the girl must have felt. I am so sensitive that even if someone puts his heavy hand on me I can’t stand his load but when I think about the girl who carried the infinite load of mental trauma and the physical pain in her tiny little heart for last 13 days of her life, I really feel I don’t deserve to live. Today I have realized one thing. God doesn’t exist! No he does not! If he exists then he is unsentimental. He created humans with emotions but forget to save some for himself.

How can this ever get changed! India needs to fight another battle of independence but today we don’t have people like BHAGAT SINGH and MAHATMA GANDHI who can devote themselves of the nation. I am afraid for my country and its people. The current situation is such that not a single female in India is sure of coming home safely at any time of day. The irony is that they are not safe within their own house too! They are getting raped anywhere, anyplace, anytime and in any manner. This is the real truth of India. India, which was once called as the land of Gods and Goddesses, is now a land of rapists and we preach lust.  Wherever we go, we just show lust. Be it for foreigners or for money and power. My feelings, my writing won’t help now. The fact is we have lost an innocent life and no one can get it back but I will work hard to make this society a better place to live. I don’t know when will I achieve it but yes, I will try my level best because I can’t live with it.

That’s me in the picture and I request everyone to shed at least one tear and pray for the innocent who is now lying in peace.

2012-12-29 12.12.57


I want to live


Recently New Delhi, capital of India witnessed a brutal gang rape of a 23 years old paramedical student on Sunday night. She has been battling for her life and has been on a ventilator ever since for more than 72 hours now. After undergoing five rigorous surgeries, the poor victim has lost her intestine and various other vital organs. It gave me the creeps when I read all this in the local newspaper. This is the height of animalism! Men on one side run the society and on the other ruin the dignity, the respect, the soul of women in the dark shades of animalistic behavior. They think women are their property and they own them to do anything with them. Even a tiger doesn’t tear his prey with such brutality like they rip the soul of the women. My hands are shivering while writing this post. I am so deeply affected by it.

There is a wave of fear and agitation among the female class but what are the chances (in India) that their plea would be addressed in the society? What are the chances that a girl won’t be raped in future? India is very resistant to changes. Nothing here changes so easily, neither the laws nor the mentality. It’s the only place in the world where a woman (goddess) is worshipped and raped at the same time. Our culture, our religion has been mocked by such acts happening in our society. Assaulting a woman sexually shows the torturing and horrifying side of male domination.  Some genius political personalities from my society blame women as they wear short clothes which excite men. They (with their extraordinary metric failed minds) suggest women not to excite men unnecessarily for the sake of their own good. Ridiculous! Comments like this are enough to raise doubts on such people’s mental state.  What message does this gives to society; “girls, we are ready to rape you in the deadliest possible manner, just give us a hint”. I feel very ashamed. The situation now for a girl is such that it’s better to get raped than to resist. People do such barbarous, remorseless and insensitive acts that a normal person can’t even think of. Oh god..! What am I saying? I am asking a innocent girl to get raped to save her life! My society has made me incapable of looking into my own eyes in the mirror.

sexual_assault (1)

The question still remains the same. How can a woman save herself from such unwanted elements? Relying on police and government would be a stupid decision. I am ashamed but I think our psychopathic politician’s above mentioned comments are most suited in this point of time. I would like to relate this with an example. Suppose you are driving fast on a straight one way road (similar to a girl enjoying late night outs and wearing whatever she wants) and you suddenly see a car coming wrong side towards you (no need to say whom I am actually trying to point to) and you meet with a severe accident (the crime). Now you were not wrong on your part as it was meant to be a one way but you are still in bed fighting for your life. May be if you were slow you could have stopped your car from colliding (I am not expecting any safety measures from the other side as they are drunk). This is INDIA and here one thing fits perfectly; YOUR SAFETY IS ONLY AND ONLY IN YOUR HANDS. This never means that you should back down. Fight for justice but with full understanding of the gravity of the current situation.  Remedies are many and most of them straightforward. we can do itIncreased police patrolling, law amendments to process rape cases fast and effectively and increase in punishment for rapist are some of the simple and clear solutions. Indian penal code allows maximum of 7 years of imprisonment to the rapist for raping a woman and up to 10 years of imprisonment for raping a pregnant woman or an under 18 girl. However few exceptions have been made by the court sentencing death penalty but proportion of such cases is extremely low. We surely need some amendments out there. Don’t we? Offence related to sexual assault should be made strictly non bailable in no matter what form it is and how small it is.  Other complicated long term solutions could be adding a minor law subject in 12th class and above to let people aware of the laws and their penalties along with relevant examples. These are some of the ethical ways which in my point of view will contribute only 5% to the cause of avoiding such incidents. Real power lies in unethical ways such as burning them alive on road, public hanging, chopping off their genital organs etc. I know this is insanity but we are left with no options.5 such steps taken and it will stop 50000 steps towards crime whereas it is exactly the opposite if we follow ethical methods.  Other initiatives include self defense classes for girls. Karate classes have proven to be most useful in such cases. Use of pepper spray is no more just a Bollywood act. Girls have used it in real time to save themselves from notorious creatures. Here is a link to a website owned and run by a woman who lost her baby in course of rape by her ex husband. She now runs this site to educate other women in self defense.

I am almost in tears writing this and I feel being arrested by gloominess and pain but the girl when asked by the doctors about her state replied “I WANT TO LIVE”! This is so emotional. Why sometimes god becomes so merciless? I salute to her courage and my pray to my god to have mercy on her and gift her speedy recovery.

Murtaza Alamshah

The Inside You

Man is made by his belief. As he believes, so he is.


Hello friends,

First of all I would like to wish all of my readers a very happy and a prosperous Diwali. May goddess Lakshmi step into your house and you get whatever you desire. All your loved ones stay in peace and you remain distant from any ill happenings. Play safe and avoid burning crackers. The festival of Diwali symbolizes victory of good over the evil and that’s what I try to convey all of you today with this post. The world was never generous and it can never be, but what matters is that even today good has its place wherever we go. How big the evil be, it can be neutralized with the tiniest drop of good. So let’s unite and face the evil with determination and bravery. Our world needs people who can fight for the justice and are fearless to uproot the evil from the society. This post is dedicated to those who are sacrificing themselves every moment to make this world a better place to live and this post is also a lesson for those who are trying to bring dirty perceptions into the society and break its unity.

India today is battling with several social issues particularly the caste discrimination. Innocent people are humiliated everyday by our society in the name of their caste. Lower caste people are not allowed to enter the village and are forced to live outside. Occupational discrimination is another foolish and idiotic tradition followed in India. A porter must remain a porter even if he is not able to sell a single piece of his art. This is what I call the terrifying side of the human creativity.  Most adverse effects are seen with the children who are born to a lower class family. Their childhood days are surrounded with misery instead of love and proper schooling. Do they posses no right to be treated as equals? Yes, in eye of law they are but what about the society? Are we so blind in religion that we keep it over humanity? No religion teaches us to divide people. It’s only the perception of the man which makes him think so. Did god made those people with different lower grade organs? Does their skin is different from ours?  If no, then why we do such discrimination? The truth is that the evil lies within us. It’s in our heart. We have accumulated the dirt in our body. It’s we who have got a dirty lower grade skin and again it’s we who have lowered ourselves in the eyes of god. We say our politicians are corrupt and we will fight against them but we will never fight against our corrupt mind.

Now a days we are even one step ahead. Today we have started discriminating not just by caste but also by states. Recent example would be fleeing of innocent north-east Indians from the IT hub Bangalore. Another example could be the Mumbai-Bihari discrimination. We were initially fighting within castes but now we are fighting on various levels. Discrimination in India is now as popular as the game of Cricket. Those days are not far when Cricket teams will have caste quota. Once upon a time my social science book used to say that India has unity in diversity but today I feel it never existed. Till we don’t prove ourselves superior over the other we don’t feel satisfied. IPL( Indian Premier League) was meant to foster Cricket in India but its matches result in deadly fights in my hostel. In such moments we all forget that our base is same-INDIA. All we remember is the level of discrimination we are on to!

India cannot progress with this mentality. If we want better living and a safer place for our family we have to fight within ourselves because the evil is within us. Whatever we see is the result of the greed and hatred multiplying within us. Stop polluting the society and help others without discrimination.  Only then we can build a strong India. Once we were slaves of the British but today we are the slaves of our evil mind. I hope we reunite once more and save ourselves and our future generations. At the end I personally salute to the people who are working behind the scene to help the needy and it’s only because of their constant efforts that we still share a bond which is strong and not shattered completely.

Murtaza alamsah

Free World-The Perfect Utopia

In the midst of agony I shall reveal my desire,
is there a free world I can acquire?
Anguished by the mentalities of extremists,
locked behind the bars of illusion,
can we generate the love this world requires?

Started my day by reading the news,
rapes, corruption and economical issues.
Shocked to see such hatred,
an invisible tear drops down my eye.
Everything in this world is an utter lie..!

It seems all the love has faded,
can it ever again dominate over hatred?
While the hope remains in many of us,
repairing this world seems to be a distant dream.
I think its just my daydream!

God is watching us but none are afraid.
There will come a time when our bodies will get decayed.
No matter what we do that time,
we wont be exempted or forgiven,
we will have to pay for our sins and actions!

Murtaza Alamshah

Should i call them Lawyers or LIARS????

This is one profession(in my view) which has lost all its dignity over the years, not because the professionals have failed to display the truth but because they have mastered in burying every inch of truth. Our country witnesses tons of cases every year but has the capacity to finish off with only a handful of these cases. In a scenario like this it is the utmost responsibility of these social servants to make the innocent stand on the gate of freedom and to push the guilty behind the bars. But sadly what we see is totally the opposite.

The question arises who is to be blamed? The lawyers who misuse their power for money or our very own democratic system which gives the right even to people like AJMAL KASAB to appoint a lawyer? Recalling a rape case article i read in a national magazine I was shocked when i learned the court room environment during such trials. ” I am being raped everyday in the court”, said the victim. Where is the “insaaf ka taraazu”? Where is the significance of the pledge one takes before speaking in court?  Thanks to the bunch of good lawyers who were fighting her case for free, but what about the lawyer defending the criminal? In my view he must be fully aware that his client is a rapist but still he chooses to fight for him! Have lawyers lost all their dignity? Don’t they feel ashamed? My remarks over them might be very immature but aren’t they correct to some extent? The “temple of truth” is history now.

Coming over to the democratic loopholes, I wonder how can a mass murderer like KASAB can still plea to the PRESIDENT of INDIA for extending his death sentence? For once I find AMERICA not brutal or mean in killing BIN LADEN on the spot. Just imagine BIN LADEN standing before the US FEDERAL COURT and facing a trial! This is ridiculous! I think we must create a finite line between “possibility” and “fact”. I think we must realize what is the matter of fact and what is not. Following absolute democratic steps in situation like this wastes money and time.  Co-relating this with the role of lawyer i just can’t understand what is so tempting for any lawyer to take a case like this? Why can’t he use this time in saving a girl who has been raped?What could have been those constraints which forced a lawyer to take up such cases?

I am unaware of the answers to the questions i have raised through my article. I request the readers to please express their views on this.

thanks and regards