What’s happening to me?


It’s been over a month here in Bangalore, the IT hub of India and I am still not able to connect myself with this city. My family is all busy in this holy month of Ramadan and I am sitting here like a lonely soul. The fact is I am not quite use to loneliness and hence I am finding myself in an absolute home sick kind of situation. Eid is on Wednesday and I am just waiting for some miracle to happen which could land me to my home. Well, in this midst of sadness, I am quite excited about my first salary coming up with some extra benefits (which I don’t want to discuss) but still the joy of being with family is much higher than one’s first salary. I am neither a smoker nor a drinker and this habit of mine has left me quite annoying because I have got not a single company who thinks like me. Quite isolated in terms of ideology! What should I do? Where should I go? I have realized that I have become an extremely boring kind of person who does nothing but just sits and thinks about his future all the time. I am having no burdens on my shoulders but still I feel as if have so much weight on them. Maybe this is the time I need to take some bold steps ahead in my life. Wait a sec! This no way means I am starting to smoke or drink.  I am happy to be away from that part.  My goals, my ambitions off course boost me to stay active but somewhere I feel I am losing the grip. Be it the grip of spirituality or the grip of expressing. I am loosing it all and that’s not a good thing to lose. Is it? I have to do something about it and that too quickly. But what should I do? Only a handful of people know me and understand me but now they are all scattered. I am suffering from terrible mood swings these days.  The gap of happiness is widening and I don’t want my life to get wasted like this. I am not the part of culture I am living in right now. No matter how much you travel, how many cultures you be in, at the end you always want to come home. My journey has just started and home is far away.  Let’s see where my fate takes me.

Murtaza Alamshah


The Joy of Living

Joy Of Living

Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.

― Thich Nhat Hanh

Hello my dear friends. I know I have been missing for a while here but now I am back with my thoughts and ideologies. I want to thank all of you for being a part of this blog. It really means a lot to me when I read comments from the readers regarding how they were motivated from my writing. It gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction. I feel happy and that’s what makes the difference. Your support and constant positive feedback gives me new ideas to write about and express myself more deeply.  Once again I thank you all of you from the bottom of my heart.

Today, I was just sitting idle in my office and was wondering how difficult it’s going to be for me in the next few months because of the hectic office schedule. I had started to feel lonely somewhere within my heart and then suddenly I realized that all this hard work can’t go waste. I simply closed my eyes and sat for a while trying to figure out what was I doing. You know what guys; the only thing I was able to see was the smiling faces of my loved ones all proud of me. So it was then I realized that I was doing this not for me but for those people. Happiness on their faces is something priceless to me. I live not for myself but for them. It’s like my entire body is connected to all of them. Whatever they feel is what I feel in return. When they are happy I am happy and when they are upset I am upset too.  That’s the JOY OF LIVING.  Living for ourselves can give us success but satisfaction can be achieved only when we live for others.  People who behave mean in this world might reach great heights but the higher they go the faster they lose their loved ones behind. I am proud to say that I live for my family. Whatever I do, whatever step I take in my life is a reflection of what my family expects from me. I am devoted to them.  This feeling is something that encourages me to do things beyond my limits. I feel so boosted up when I breathe in the air which has nothing else but happiness all around. The sound of laughter during a family gathering is probably the best sound one can hear.

So that’s what I was thinking the entire day today and then thought of writing it down to share with you all. I hope my thoughts have made a little impact on your thinking process. Showing the light to those who are lost in the dark is the aim of my writing. Remember your loved ones when you are in trouble, you will find the solution on your own.

God Bless

Murtaza Alamshah

Brand New Day


Brand New DayIsn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?

― L.M. Montgomery

I am standing in the crowd,

Trying to shout out loud.

My voice is reaching nowhere,

It’s too late, nothing can be repaired.


I want to look behind and go back in past,

But this crowd is not letting me turn.

I feel I am being harassed,

Is there any way to return?


Now I realize the value of those days,

They are precious to me and can never be replaced.

I will always remember them,

Those memories cannot be erased.


This transition is proving pretty heavy,

But I know I will come out of it.

Trying to remain calm and happy,

There is no intention to quit.


I don’t know where I am heading to,

But I know my loved ones are with me.

If I am the sailor, they are my crew,

Imagining life without them would me very scary.


So I am sailing in this ocean where nobody knows me,

I believe I will find my way to the right door,

The terrain is now much more hilly,

But I am certain to reach ashore.


Murtaza Alamshah


Path to Success

Path To SuccessStep #1

Understand yourself completely

 Don’t try to be in a world of fantasy. Be true to yourself. If you are a day dreamer then your dreams will remain just a dream. It will never take the shape of reality. I don’t say dreaming is bad. In fact it’s our dreams that give us the vision and the moral boost to do something but over dreaming and making the virtual world your reality is terribly bad.


Step #2

Know your potential

Everyone can’t run as fast as Bolt and everyone also can’t be Bill Gates but if you realize your potential you can attain similar height of success. For example you know you can’t handle pressure. Now this is something which you can’t change easily. There is nothing impossible to achieve but sometimes adjusting with what we have is far better option than to try making it perfect.  Simply realize all your weakness and strengths.

Step #3

Sense the feeling of satisfaction and determination

After analyzing yourself so deep, if you don’t get the feeling of satisfaction then probably you are not confident on what you have thought about. I advise you to take rest and make a fresh start again. Too much of thinking can really leave you in a confused state hence it’s good to re-evaluate your thoughts and conclusions rather than hurrying up.


Step #4

Make a concrete long term plan (Generalized)

Once you are done with finding your weaknesses and powers, now it’s time to make a long term plan. This involves real thinking and its here where your potential is tested, so it’s really important to make wise and planned decisions. Involve every weakness and strength in it and make a plan which you believe would be most sound and solid. Never forget to draw alternatives. Life is unpredictable! Define a starting point and the end point of the plan within a calculated period of time.

Step #5

Make a concrete long term plan (Detailed)

Now when you are aware of the overall structure of your plan, it’s time to point out minute details and establish milestones to achieve the end point step by step. This will help you always remain focused on some specific part of your plan. For example if your end point is to be an international singer then one of the milestone could be winning some reputed national contest. So at that time your concentration will be entirely on that national contest which off course is a sub part of your ultimate goal. This approach provides a much easier and much controlled way to reach the goal.

Step #6

Keep the level of determination and confidence in you

This is the final and the most important step. Once you are set with your goal plan you have to be through with it. There will be ups and downs.  You cannot avoid them but what matters is that you never back down and keep moving towards achieving your goal. If you maintain the level of tolerance, patience and determination you will soon taste the success.


God Bless

Murtaza Alamshah


The Crazy Coefficient


The Crazy Coefficient One person’s craziness is another person’s reality

by Tim Burton

Hello my dear friends. It’s been a very long time I have not logged into my wordpress account due to my busy schedule but finally I got my peace of mind to come to this place which helped me get my identity back…! Today I am in a very naughty mood. I feel like dancing in the middle of the road and shout like crazy….! Today I want to share some of my wildest fantasies with all of my friends here…I know we all have some level of craziness inside us but we often keep it suppressed because we have a fear of being mocked…! May be I am wrong but I do feel this many a times but not today…Today is the day for me to go crazy…! Yeah..!!! woooahhhh…!!!! Ooooolalalalala…!!!

I would be extremely happy if I get a company here…on wordpress…!! Anyone out there feeling crazy just like me?? Come on….show up..!!! ahhh….how stupid of me…! Till I won’t post how will you guys come to know about it..:D If you are thinking about the reason behind this craziness then I suggest you to stop wasting time. Instead go crazy while reading….! Anyone heard of Maria Sharapova??? Yeah the Tennis Queen….!! You know what..I dance with her right in front of the Eiffel Tower every night in my dreams…! Wow..! She is hot….!! She has this candy brand on her name called “Sugarpova”. Unfortunately those candies aren’t available in India so I am planning to ask my brother in London to get me 2 packets of it…flirty and chick..!! 😀 those are the 2 flavors…!!! :D:D that itself make me go crazy…! Then there is Emma Watson…! Another angel…!! Uff…!! Wish I was Harry…!! I mean who in the world chooses Jenny when u have Hermoine…!!! Crazy fellow..! isn’t??crazy_monkey

Hold on its not over..Anybody want to go on a date with me on moon? Yeah the moon…!!!!! The one which you see at night…revolving around the earth…don’t worry it not that far..And off course safety  is assured.  No one??? 😦 Sad…!!! Never mind…I’ll go by myself..all alone because that’s my dream…!!! Ok now let’s get back to earth. Ever tried taking random buses around the city??? Well mark my words if  you have that crazy factor in you…you will surely enjoy this…!! 😀 Ever tried sending all classic funny songs to your friends on whatsapp???? That’s one more crazy idea to irritate them…! 😀 I love it…! I tell you one deep thing…when you are high and crazy…you will realize that the people around you are so boring… and that’s what makes the difference…!!! My day doesn’t get over till I don’t do any stupid act…! Ohh my god…! If somebody is still looking at the grammatical errors in this post then I must say…dude u need help…..:D go get some sleep! Perfumes…!!!!! Ohh my god…they affect me more than anything…! Secret sharing time…!!! I would even follow a male if has he got a sexy perfume smell…!!! :p I am found of eating…! Love to eat everything except the veg menu…! I don’t know how people eat grass and leaves…!! 😀 mmmmm what next…!!! Yeah…I have this problem of forgetting names…! Call it short term memory loss or anything…but this thing has got me into trouble many a times….:D many a times the person in front of me doesn’t even realize that I don’t who is he/she…! 😀  I have this friend named Abhilasha Nanda…!!! I confess I have never teased anyone much as I have teased her…! Poor fellow…! Ohh yes anyone want to go to Bermuda triangle with me??? What the hell is so mysterious with that place…!!! Let’s go and find out…! Anyone??? Nobody brave enough???? Huh…!!! Loosers…!!!:D Ohhh I again forgot….you guys are still to read this post…! Add a trip to pyramid of Giza also…!! That’s also one mysterious place right?? Let’s have some fun…!! What m I forgetting now…!!!




Songs…!!!! How can I forget them…!!! It’s these songs that drive me crazy…though not in this case particularly but in general…!!!  A song can make me sad or happy any moment…! If you all thought that I am a very simple and mature guy you got it right…But if you think m sincere….then that thought is limited to only mothers of sexy girls..! I think I must end it here for now…!!! It’s dangerous to be extra crazy…..!!! 😀

Just remember guys….never kill the crazy guy inside you…!! Always keep it active and functional..!!! You will never feel lonely or upset…! You will find yourself back if have this Crazy Coefficient in you..!


God bless

Your Crazy Friend



Lessons of my life


Learn to respect the one who loves you rather than giving respect to the one you love.

Dream high but always be aware of your limitations.

Right thinking at the right time will help you reach your goal but right thinking at the wrong time brings only disaster.

Life is not a movie. Nothing is fictional here.

Achieving heights of success is useless if you don’t have your loved ones around you.

Be sincere towards your responsibility. Life takes its toll if you run from it.

Earn money to live a better life and not live life just to earn money.

Every person has one special thing which if he has can get through his life. For me it’s happiness.

Live for your loved ones and not just for your self.

Respect all the emotions. Only then you will realize the importance of each.


Murtaza Alamshah

Colors of my life

My parents

They have given me everything I demanded. They never question me back on anything. For them, I am still a 5 yr old kid who still needs to be cuddled. Last month my Dad forcefully combed my hair because he was feeling nostalgic about the time when he used to comb my hair when I was a kid. For them I never grew up. I feel so cozy and so happy with them. My mom still weeps out badly at the airport when she comes to see me off.  So to pay a tribute to them I gifted them a certificate which entitles them to be the world’s greatest parents.

me n dad


I can’t name this person due to personal reasons but the importance of this person in my life cannot me expressed in words. Without whom my life couldn’t have been so wonderful. If my parents gave me the strengths, this person gave me the direction. If my parents inspired me, this person cheered me up when I was low.  God sent this person just for me and I am sure about it. All I ask God not to take his gift back from me ever in my life.

Mr. Mufaddal

Well, he is my fellow friend, my dearest and closest buddy. He has a very important place in my life.  I trust him. I can assure myself that even if no one’s with me he would be standing right next to me no matter what. He himself might be extremely crazy but what matters is that he considers me as his life.  I contribute towards his happiness more than anyone does and this thing makes me so much attached with him.

 I cannot sustain if anyone of these is missing from my life. They are the integrals of me now. I am a crazy harry potter fan so let me explain it that way. These three are my horcruxes. I have my parents, my life partner and my closest friend…what more anyone needs to call himself perfect?  I have no existence without them. The best memories of my life are associated with them and them only. I love them with all my heart.


Murtaza Alamshah