Corporate Web – How to place your first step right?

Corporate Web

I’m always surprised when the corporate world does stupid things, because they’re often not very stupid in hindsight.

– Penn Jillette

Hello All,

From past 4 months I have been experiencing severe corporate work pressure and expectations from my peers and family. With each passing day i realised  something new and went a step closer to understand how corporate world works. I kept on absorbing the environment around me and tried to learn the basic steps one must follow to create a strong entry point into this corporate web.

  1. First impression—> Make It Big!

Your entry must be known to everyone around you. Introduce yourself with confidence. Let people know which part of team you will be working with and what is your background.



2. Build Relationships

Now this is self explanatory but what is not seen directly is the impact of this step. You  might be very smart and self efficient but if you are reserved and keep yourself  isolated then all your smartness is a waste because in the corporate arena you are called smart only when people realize that you are smart and not when you think you are smart. To show people that you are smart, you will have to keep a healthy and interactive relationship with everyone around you. The way you present yourself in front of your peers will actually be the deciding factor of your smartness.


3. Never Show off and always help others

This is extremely crucial and critical in order to grow in a company. Always keep a down to earth attitude and never let others feel hesitated to come to you to ask for help. if you help others, they will help you in your time of need. Its the fundamental rule of success. You must be very polite and friendly in your replies and should always show interest if someone is talking to you. If you are busy for some reason then give them a proper time when they can come back and seek your help or delegate them to other person whom you think can help them. Again, this should be done in a very polite manner.


4.  Always keep yourself on time and be sincere towards your work.

You must not be late for office and put yourself in the situation where your manager demands an explanation for your mistake. It is the first sign of underachievement and lack of dedication to your work. Let others know that you are dedicated and hardworking.


5. Always seek advice and information from your peers.

This will keep you updated about what’s going on in and around your project and will place you a step ahead in your mind for decision making.


6. Never rely on others for something which you own the responsibility.

If some task is delegated to you then you and only you will be considered responsible for whatever happens with the task so better check yourself and confirm before coming to any conclusions suggested by others.


7. Working hard is good but working smart is what matters.

Always look for smart solutions to any problem you are facing. There would be 100s who could provide solution but only a few who can provide the least complex solution so try being one of those few.


8. Always keep a note of your achievements.

They come real handy at the time of promotions. Your manger at times might forget your contribution to the team. What if you also forget what you did? NO PROMOTION!


9. Work for team and then for you.

Consider this scenario.

You want to get promoted to the next level and you are the top performer in your team but overall your team has not done well hence the senior to which you were about to get replaced was not given promotion hence you are also stuck at the same level.

Although you were a star performer but you don’t get promotion because overall your team has performed below expectations.


10. Keep learning and never look back

This is final mantra for success. Always open your mind for new dimensions as the world keeps on changing and you surely wont like getting lost in the crowd.  If sometime you have a bad day at the office, just learn from it and forget that something like that ever happened.


I am open to your views and ideas. Please share here or mail me at


Murtaza Alamshah


Tryst with Love

If you were thinking about someone while reading this, you’re definitely in Love.

True Love

Dear Love,

Today I write my first letter to express my gratitude towards you. Without you my life was dull and completely black. You have made my life a paradise with sparkling colors of happiness, humor and cheerfulness. My dear Love, your support has given me strength to rediscover myself. My heart was a barren land but you gently opened the door of my heart and converted that land into an orchard of fruits. Your presence can be easily felt in my heartbeats beating so fast. I just can’t imagine my life if you are not around. Your everlasting affection has nurtured my emotions and given me the satisfaction I always needed. You kicked out loneliness from my heart and made it your kingdom of joy. You simply rule my heart. I was completely shattered from inside but then you happened to me and everything changed. I pray to God everyday to make you stay in my life forever. Even after death I want to remain in your arms and feel you. I feel your presence everywhere I go and I simply cherish all the moments I have spent so far with you. You are the reason behind my every little success. I can’t resist you. I need you more and more. Each day you increase your intensity towards me and lure me with your beauty, I can’t explain how deeply I desire you. It’s something I can’t express on a piece of paper else it would catch fire! I feel so privileged to feel you and to hear you whispering in my ears. I have treasured you as my soul mate and I thank you for making my life a heaven.

Thanks for meeting in person to me.

Yours lovingly

Murtaza Alamshah

Without You


——————–Play music from the menu to your right to add more feelings——————–

My Recommendation–Romantic Saxophone

Being in love can change your perception about every single thing. You will experience a new world around you.

                                                                            -Murtaza Alamshah

Without you, my life was a big mess,

I was dull and my mind so stressed.

You gave me back my smile,

You are mine and will always be mine.


Without you I am totally incomplete,

Never leave me else my heart won’t beat.

I wake up and I dream about you,

As fresh as a morning dew.


Without you I am a crippled man,

I can’t do a thing which anybody can.

I need your support my whole life,

Will u marry me and be my wife?


Without you I can’t breathe,

A kiss from you is what I need.

I thank god for sending you to me,

I want to hug and kiss you deeply.


Without you, whom will I write poems for!

You add sweetness to my life which is otherwise sour.

This is my heart speaking directly to you,

I love you and will always do.



Love and Regards

Murtaza Alamshah

The Last Moment

Love is the greatest gift we can ever hope to give or receive.  Love is the one thing that can overcome so many of the difficult times that we are faced with in life.  Love is so powerful – it can turn frowns into smiles.  It can help mend the broken heart.  It can even turn all of the ugliness in the world into the most beautiful portrait we could ever have the pleasure to behold.


Dear readers,

Today I will not bore you with politics or social issues like I have always been doing. On the contrary, I have taken up the most beautiful topic we humans could ever think of. It’s LOVE..! Yeah, I can see that broad smile on your faces. Love is the key to everything. Love brings all we desire. Money can’t buy everything. No doubt, love tops that list. Life without love is like bungalow which has not been painted. It will always look dull no matter how much comfort it has. Why to sit alone when God has made one for you? All you need to do is to search that person around you. Today with this article I want to encourage all of my friends who have a secret crush on someone but are hesitating to express their feelings.

With the college life almost coming to an end, I know many people would still be waiting for the right time to express themselves and in my view they will never find that “right time” till they don’t show the courage to speak. Love demands no occasion to express. It demands feelings and real emotions to be shown up. Few might have even lost all the hopes and would just be giving themselves the condolence which they don’t deserve. Grow up..! Show some passion..! You are dealing with the feeling of being in love (the most passionate feeling) after all! What are you afraid of? Don’t tell me you live in the era where they say “yaar dosti bhi chali jayegi”..!  Dude…dosti dosti me poori ladki chali jayegi! Do you have the fear that she will slap you (provided you propose decently 🙂 )? My answer to this is if she really knows the meaning of love, she won’t attempt to do such an act. Reflect your love not by helping secretly but by expressing in front of her. If you don’t say, someone else will say. Then you will end up as the mediator between the two of them..:)! This is what you think you deserve? Go, get up and say before it’s too late! Imagine yourself being dressed as the groom and not as the guest..:-) It’s now or never..! What could happen at the worst? She might ignore you…or she might insult you..! That’s it? If you truly love her then the pain of not saying to her and seeing her in another man’s arms  would be much more painful than the pain of getting rejected. Show your emotions…let them flow and make her realize how much you love her. Relationships are made in heaven. All we need to do is express ourselves. On the sad side if you taste failure then dude there are loads of them. God always gives another chance :-). Cheer up and live life to its maximum rather than ending it up like the epic Indian DEVDAS!

I hope after reading this some of you would show courage and dare to convey your feelings and I see some of my friend’s Facebook status getting changed. Don’t be a looser. History has witnessed some  of the greatest love stories and you can add up yours too for the next generation.

God bless

Murtaza alamshah