Interview with God


Mr.God, how do you feel about the current situation on earth?

Umm, it’s really bad. If you want my answer in one word then I say,I feel ashamed on myself. I created different people hoping everyone will live in harmony but it resulted in wars. I appeared on earth in different forms of religion hoping each religion will help the people to know the purpose of their lives but it resulted in riots. I created various topologies so that humans can feel the diversity of my creation but they created boundaries and fought horrifying battles to claim them.

So, how do you plan to resolve this?

Why should I? it’s them who have destroyed and brutally misused my creation so it’s their responsibility to repair it and restore it to it’s original.

 Taking into consideration the current scenario, do you think humans can ever achieve it? They don’t even seem to try!

No, it is not like that. They are trying. If there are 10 bad people out there than there are 20 good people to counter them. The only thing is that they lack courage but sooner or later they will realize this and will surely fight to destroy the evil from earth.

You said people need to fight. What does it exactly mean?

Haha….I am the creator of that world. They are my children no matter how much bad or good they are. By fight I mean making the evil realize that no one is afraid of him. A fight to remove his domination over good.

What is the biggest mistake you think you did with humans?

I gave them extraordinary brains. Brains, which made them superior from the rest. Brains, which led to the creation of powerful and dealy weapons. I did so expecting them to be smart enough to guard my nature and millions of other creatures living there but….

You gave them emotions. Right decision or a wrong one? I am asking this with reference to the crimes they do out of emotions.

Obviously it was a right decision. I gave them the brain to control emotions. There are billions of creatures other than humans on earth. Everybody is living peacefully except humans. If my decision was wrong then every race of creatures must have done such crimes but its only humans who do it. It is because till now they haven’t learned to control the emotions.

How do you feel when they misuse your name to do wrong?

It’s the after affects of giving a powerful brain. I feel bad when good and innocent people become victims of such things.

What is your prediction about all this?

Well, in my view the next 100years is the deciding period. Either they will learn and follow the original path or they will end up themselves by killing everyone around them. For me, it’s a wait and watch situation.

You said it’s a wait and watch situation for you but people on earth worship you and cry for your help. Won’t you listen to them?

I listen to every genuine request. But I have my own way to respond. I never directly give away what my follower wants. I always show him the path where to get it. Unfortunately humans are impatient and restless to understand me.

What do you think is most useless thing humans do?

Oh…I have a long list of it. 99% of their work is useless. They spend billions of their currencies to explore universe and research on other creatures but they hardly help the needy and the hungry. This is really a piece of laughter of me. They can’t understand languages between them but they think they are unfolding the secrets of my universe! I mean seriously? Hahaha….

At the end what message you would like to convey to your children out there?

I just want to tell them that my blessings are with them should they wish to see it and understand it.






14 thoughts on “Interview with God

  1. You answered yourself. The annihilation danger was now. Hard to believe that all those pretty fronts were all lies. All those admins they all put in were only interested in themselves and not the causes they sided with to get there. Governments blowing up every mountain, water cleansing table for underground shelters claiming nuclear weapons they didn’t have. Scaring people into them for control. The reality was they voluntarily walked into slavery. The UN has jails underground, the terrorists. They had so many they had terrorist swapping in the antarctic, a people to small to argue. The UN low life’s made a joke out of counter terrorism. The low life’s without permission turned it all into just embarrass the country and millions of them followed trying to impress tops, refusing to understand they were privy to information the general public wasn’t so it all turned into a blast every mountain and embarrass all you can.

    The UN way the ones to blame for allowing it, fostering it. SO a huge group a couple years ago cured the Antarctic situation for the people there, ran a new government pilot that worked and is taking it all with it. All these underground shelters are being removed and the duty of decomposing was taken from nature and now after two years we are starting to see results. The constant fight in government is this group didn’t fix all this to let corruption do it again.

    People like you and yes me at one time just couldn’t believe there were so many in the world that could be this profoundly criminally stupid but yes there were and still more to get rid off that want to keep earths destruction going. That will not be allowed.

    There was enough power to save the Antarctic and other places on earth, there is enough power to bring the rest down. People that can and do know the top ugly and can deal with it well, are putting it all down so humanity doesn’t have to worry about it any more.

    Diversity in humanity must stay and be protected. If not there would be no commerce.
    I myself had the very unfortunate experience to run into a government assassin that tells on everything. Can’t keep his mouth shut. These low life’s hired all over the place, that one or 2 people can’t possible know. These kiss butt admins playing games with people;s life’s for their own power. This guy with a Masters degree killed divers burying gold for a New World order (Just makes you wan to run to them now) and got millions to do it. Then he turns around demanding favors in his personal life in getting due process denied or changed for another to impress. Another serious crime to call attention to his murder for hire gig. The millions he already got paid were not enough so he ends up in a UN terrorist trade off underground can. His family murdered to teach him a lesson no doubt. That is how the New World Orders do it. Not a version of gaining liberty any civic duty or any care for human would run to. It is called the Raven, Anti, CHrist etc methods of controlling a human and/or the situation rather the problem solving it. These New World Orders simply got off on human torture.

    These idiots not for anything to dish up as bodies when needed because of their big mouths. Public bodies to dish up. The UN has been doing this with New World Orders help for years now. What about this says anything good about men in power?

    These New World Orders using the UN system and practices added astronomical amounts of these crisis of faith everywhere. Only added them never cured them. Not one problem was solved by any of them or the UN. SO the end result was war and human annihilation. The real executive level found it all out and pulled out their serious counter terrorism and is and will win. The ones that survived actually cared.

    Some of them died some didn’t but the move will win all. Counter terrorism was not something just to pick up for your own gain. This New World Order gig turning counter terrorism into a public self destruct trying to get impressive. It was meant to protect against power. Well the move picked against corruption did. Not the New World Order of “Did we impress you, threaten you enough?” Winning huge and coming to all soon the real people. When it does, people everywhere should thank the survivors, the real executive level, for making that move against this global war against corruption and human annihilation. The Global Good not the Greater Good few anymore.

    The several chains of command that all this was hidden under from some of the tops too are being annihilated now not earth. Look at the sun the wobble is healing. New land is coming up in the Artic and the southern oceans. Organics are growing faster and healthier and all the human corrupted organics are being executed for what they all did the last 80 years with the UN under this farce of New World Orders. Their really bad human chemicals in their own heads and bodies being removed from nature too. None of them have power now. They have been reduced to talk, propaganda only. The final end for them all is coming and close.

    Then we can all relax and let religion answer all the above question for everybody, not just man.

    • even i hate UN….! its lyk a monopoly business for them…!
      take example of india….! in recent times Indo-American relations have got tremendous strengths. for what? UN on one side supplies financial aid to pakistan and on the other side…supports India over 26/10 mumbai attack.

      The world is highly diplomatic.

      • Did I understand you correctly? This practice of funding battles that causes public discontent to hate is diplomatic? Oh well. I think the comic relief off of government needs to be returned to the comedy club. In a lot of cases it is bloody. At the very least civic emotional violence. It is everywhere.

      • Thanks because the definition for diplomacy is effective and sensitive. I was just wondering.

      • This is not brutally diplomacy this is a criminally mentally ill mentality in change of the law. Accusing an innocent and seeking jailing of the innocent is not only brutal it is terrorism.
        The attorney and the court that would let the attorney practice needs to go down and will. This attorney’s public statement is no more then “I hate humans and what them jailed.’ Another low life with a degree tossing it around to cover his sickness.

        The attorney and any court that lets him practice needs to be removed. Thanks for the article. I wasn’t aware of this end of the story. Their is no way a victim or taxpayer can get justice if the court only saves the criminal.

        Perceptiveness in the law is not lost at the very top, it is working furiously from the top executing and helping victims. The top that always allowed this kind of thing. Serious Martial Law authority is at the top working down to these low life’s, sick individuals and very close to them. They also know it so I suspect more of this will happen in public rather then actually happen.

        I would simply encourage the public to be aware of this sick people and their functions. I would certainly get the attorney that made the accusation canned.

        If not more then a rape is the public’s problem. Well the serious law of execution is coming to their level soon. Worldwide. I just wrote a couple of posts under quotes on this. Working at the top level, with the law, I understand it is brutal waiting for justice but the public simply needs to become more aware and never let this happen to this degree again when judicial catch worldwide is accomplished. It is being caught up worldwide.

        Thanks for sharing. This is a very sensitive issue for me. I see more then a rape in this if the public does not start becoming aware of what makes a problem bigger.

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    • because they didnt use it wisely…..!!!
      u call it a mistake when you do something wrong unintentionally…God gave brains so that humans could could it for the betterment of nature….but they made wrong use of it…so it was a mistake…!

      • I agree on this.But it is the humans fault.THEY didn’t use it right.It’s their ‘mistake’ not God’s.The brain controls feelings, yes but not only.Sometimes it’s actually the tool to find God!
        Plus not all humans don’t use it right.Their are some out there who use it right.So calling the existence of the brain a “mistake” is a mistake.That’s o fcourse just my opinion! 😀

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